South Korea tied for third in fouls in short track speed skating at the Beijing Winter Olympics, while The Chinese team only committed two fouls

After the end of the short track speed skating competition at the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on February 19, a foreign media report revealed the fouls.The most fouls were committed by Russia and Italy, with five each.They were followed by the United States, Canada and South Korea with four fouls.It is worth mentioning that the south Korean team was penalized a lot in the first two days of the competition, but the fouls decreased significantly in the latter part of the competition. One is that they almost no longer “cut corners” from the inside, and the other is that they are better at the middle and long distance events in the latter days.In addition, Hungary and the Netherlands, two elite European teams, each committed three fouls, mostly on men, and each received a yellow card.Home China suffered two fouls when Qu Chunyu was penalized in the women’s 500m semifinals and Ren Ziwei in the men’s 1,500m semifinals.Ren ziwei was also upset about his foul in the 1500m semifinal after the race, saying the pressure made him anxious.In general, because of the fouls in the first two days of the competition, the athletes of each team chose cautious tactics in the later matches, especially in the surpassing link. The players with strong ability basically did not surpass from the inside lane, but pulled to the outside lane to “eat raw” by speed.This has made the short track race much cleaner and, thanks to high-definition cameras, has made it easier to spot fouls that might have gone unnoticed in the past.

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