Westbrook trade countdown!Zhan Mei ying 19+ second place show!Lakers close to Golden State?

Pelinka and timberwolves executives have renegotiated a deal for Russell Westbrook, according to a recent lakers management meeting, and the two sides have basically reached an agreement on the value of the deal.The Lakers will trade Russell Westbrook and D ‘Andre Jordan for D ‘Angelo Russell, two role players and a future second-round pick.Once the deal is done, the lakers can get rid of one of the most controversial players of the offseason.Russell Westbrook will be able to attack the inside better and his style of play will suit the Timberwolves better.There’s also a lot of interest in Russell Westbrook and Towns.Westbrook is more of a team leader than Russell is on the court.Russell, meanwhile, is averaging 19.1 points and seven assists per game to help take the scoring pressure off James.Russell had 35 points and 14 assists in a game this season.Russell’s role in tying teams together is definitely much better than Westbrook’s.Through this trade, the Lakers bench will be better replenished.It’s worth mentioning that the Lakers recently acquired two “treasure trove” players, Monk and Rivers.In today’s game against the Nets, Monk’s 3-pointer and Rivers’ passing vision will shine in the lakers’ future games.So, do you think Russell is the X-factor for the lakers to win?Comments are welcome at the end.

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