Jieshou city CPPCC social and legal committee members to accompany the high-speed railway station on duty police first day

On the first day of the New Year, people are immersed in the joy of the Spring Festival.Jieshou Wendy xiu to, director of the legal work committee of the Chinese society committee, led the CPPCC members earlier, wang rui, 闫莉, lan-lan wang, zhang fei, such as people, take the heavens embellish real estate companies with beef, caffeine arts, such as tea, beverage to claimed yesterday, high-speed rail station police station of jobs on the stick to the policeman on duty, best wishes to the police, to send season’s greetings and best wishes.Claimed yesterday in high-speed rail station police station, the members see sympathy is busy with medical staff do nucleic acid testing for passengers, maintain public order police on duty, details here during the Spring Festival travel traffic, public security and epidemic prevention and control, etc., to understand which ten policemen formal one is local, and did not go home with their family celebrate the Spring Festival.Despite the cold weather, they have stayed at their posts to ensure the normal operation of the Spring Festival travel rush.Before, members were all moved by the police’s dedication, dedication and fine style of work.In the conference room, the city CPPCC members and the police have a cordial discussion and exchange.(wang rui)

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