Visit the old town during Spring Festival!The north district of Qingdao is accelerating the renewal of the historic urban area

Qingdao has orderly promoted the protection and utilization of the historic urban area. The city has completed the protection and renewal of about 100,000 square meters of the historic urban area. Shibei District, as the cradle of Qingdao’s modern industry and the birthplace of the century-old port and customs, is iteratively upgrading the historic urban area with new industries and new forms of business.Pave the glorious road for the next 100 years with new thinking and new models.During the Spring Festival, strolling in the area surrounded by Shanghai Road, Wuding Road, Ningbo Road and Shanghai Branch Road, you will find 19 century-old villas distributed here. They were built by Liu Zishan, a local wealthy businessman in Qingdao at the beginning of the last century. They are the only villa group in a whole area in Qingdao except badaguan.After nearly five months of repair, these old buildings break the cocoon and regenerate to take on a new mission. They will be transformed into the RCEP International Business center as the carrying place of the city’s high-level opening-up.”The wooden Windows and wooden stairs have been restored to the original style of the old drawings. At present, the renovation of 7 villas has been completed, and the renovation of the 6 new villas is planned to be completed by the end of December.”Shibei Construction investment Group civil engineer Xu Hongjun said.Architecture is the frozen history, not only witnessing the time changes, but also verifying the pace of the development of The Times.There are 565 protected buildings in Shibei District, most of which are distributed in Haibo Road, Guantao Road, Shanghai Road, Changshan Road and other areas, with high historical and cultural value and protection, development and utilization value.As a pilot project of the protection and renewal of the historic urban area of Qingdao, Guangxingli has established the Qingdao Industrial Design Innovation Center, which makes this area much attention at home and abroad.’I think it’s a place that’s inspired, creative, open to everyone, with maximum service and diversity, open to the world, and you know people are going to come here and create the future,’ says The Asia design director of Australia’s Minsun Landscape Design Consultants LTD.Feng Changhong, CEO of Qingdao Industrial Design Innovation Center, said: “Because there are four stages of industrial interconnection, the first stage is r&d and design, which creates value. What we want to pursue is to connect design with citizens through the old courtyard, revitalize the old city and empower design.”The front end is a storefront, and the back end is an industrial platform for design, production and training. The new model of “business before production”, represented by Guangxingli, is widely embedded in old courtyards, old buildings and old blocks, enhancing the brand influence of the historic city.”We have now established more than 200 brand resources, it is expected to negotiate at least 20 major brands before the end of the year, combined with industrial investment and planning and design, as soon as possible to achieve shibei district’s ‘cage for birds’.”Shibei construction investment group investment director Shi Jun introduction.The financial theme block of Guantao Road, which was renovated in advance, has attracted a number of high-quality projects such as Chunguang Li and Qingdao New Financial Industrial Park.Now, sifang Road Historical and Cultural Block has also formed an urban meeting room integrating culture, history, architecture and art. Here, there are both international fashion and fireworks, cross-border e-commerce, industrial design, youth cultural and creative, national fashion…In the near future, the fruits of urban renewal can be enjoyed here.

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