Hohhot: Promote the construction of major projects to achieve high-quality development

This year is the beginning year for our city to take the lead in realizing high-quality development by improving the functions of the capital city, optimizing the development environment and implementing the strong capital project.According to Li Xiaoyan, director of Hohhot Development and Reform Commission, the city will promote the implementation of 1,042 key projects with an investment of 123.2 billion yuan in 2022.The city promoted the implementation of a total of 1042 key projects, the annual planned investment of 123.2 billion yuan, including 664 new key projects, the annual planned investment of 65.3 billion yuan;We will continue to build 378 key projects, with an annual investment of 57.9 billion yuan.A total of 503 major projects at the regional level were listed, with an annual investment of 78.3 billion yuan.Overall, the number of key projects carried out this year is large, with large investment and high quality. There are 462 more key projects than in 2021. In particular, the number of new projects, enterprise investment projects and industrial projects increased significantly from last year.Annual planned investment exceeded 100 billion yuan, up 58% from the previous year.The number of industrial projects and planned investment accounted for more than half of the total, and 177 strategic emerging industrial projects played a more prominent role in driving growth.In key industries, the city has carried out 552 industrial development projects this year, with an annual planned investment of 74.2 billion yuan.We planned and implemented 317 key projects for six major industrial clusters, with an annual investment of 39.4 billion yuan.In the area of ensuring people’s livelihood, the city has promoted 181 key projects this year, with an annual planned investment of 14.4 billion yuan.It mainly includes 68 educational projects in the field of secondary vocational education park, Qilechuan Branch school of the Second middle school of the city, and the expansion project of the first middle school of the city.Accelerate the construction of 22 medical and health projects, such as the municipal mental health center, the municipal occupational disease prevention and treatment hospital, the relocation of the municipal Second hospital and the Qilechuan Hospital;Construction of 33 cultural tourism projects, including the Yellow River Grand Canyon Cultural Park, the second phase of Masong Mountain ski resort, and the expansion of Daheihe Country Park;Focus on promoting the demonstration apartment for the elderly, Tai Kang Health care Center, Huide pension service center and other health care projects of 27;31 old residential areas were renovated, and 392 old residential areas were renovated throughout the year.In the field of infrastructure construction, the city will carry out 309 key projects this year, with an annual planned investment of 34.6 billion yuan.Construction of Jinshan Power Plant phase II heat diversion project, its subordinate heat diversion project, Datang Tuo electric heat source access project;We will carry out projects to improve the ecological environment on the Northern Slope of Daqingshan and restore the Daheihe River.We launched a number of major transportation projects, including the S43 Airport Expressway, the S29 Huliang Expressway, the Third Ring Expressway, and the Extended section of Jinhai Road. We built a new interchange project between the G6 and Horqin Expressway, opened up major roads such as Xinhua Avenue and the western extension section of Ordos Avenue, and sped up the development of a new pattern of comprehensive, three-dimensional transportation and created regional comprehensive transportation hubs.Hohhot will implement 506 key urban construction projects in 2022, with a total investment of 330 billion yuan and an annual investment of 63 billion yuan, according to Haiying, party secretary of Hohhot’s Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau.Make every effort to build the capital into a comfortable, livable, pleasing, healthy and fashionable livable city.First, infrastructure development. We will promote coordinated development of water, electricity, gas and heating facilities to enhance urban resilience and ensure urban security.In the aspect of “water control”, the third stage of Yellow River diversion and the long-distance pipeline network of tuoqing reclaimed water are promoted.In terms of “electricity transformation”, 29 poles were moved, 14 cables were put into the ground and 29 power transmission and transformation projects were carried out.In terms of “ventilation”, the project of “Shaanxi-Beijing Fourth Line” and “Yamato Line” has been completed, as well as the installation of gas technology and prevention facilities for 380,000 households.In terms of “heat induction”, jinshan Power Plant, its subsidiary power plant and Datang Tuodian three “heat induction and call” projects were launched.Second, we will improve the ecological environment. We will coordinate ecological environmental protection and landscaping projects to comprehensively improve the air environment and the quality of the ecological environment in urban areas.In terms of clean heating, we will complete the comprehensive improvement of coal-fired scattered burning for 35,000 households by 2022, and strive to become a demonstration city for clean heating in winter in northern China.In landscaping, key construction eight large park in 2022, 50 sports park, 300 pocket parks and urban green road 300 kilometers, relying on the eight worship lake park, south lake park, Mongolia garden, small heihe portal along the park landscape resources, to build large heihe to 138 square kilometers of heihe mazong mountain country park.Third, we will promote urban renewal, improve environmental quality and optimize urban functions.In terms of improving living conditions, 392 old residential areas and eight run-down areas were renovated.In terms of improving street scenery, according to the management concept of “U-shaped space”, 7 roads, including Xinhua Street, Beiyuan Street, Genghis Khan Street, University Street, Tongzhidao Road and Hulun Road, have been renovated.In sponge city construction, 17 major road sections were renovated with stagnant water and 28 rainwater and sewage pipelines were renovated with mixed flow and mixed connection.Four is the construction of low-income rental housing. In order to ease the housing problems of new citizens and young people, we will raise over 10,000 units of low-income rental housing this year through six channels: industrial parks, non-residential projects, scattered and collective land, market rental housing, transferred land for construction and enterprise project adjustment.Fifth, facilitate people to travel unimpeded, further optimize the structure of urban road network, alleviate urban traffic congestion.In terms of improving the highway network, we will accelerate the construction of viaducts such as the east extension of Hailaer Avenue, the west extension of Jinhai Road, the north extension of Bayan Road and the Jinsheng Road connection line.In terms of unblocking microcirculation, the construction of 31 “dead-end roads” and 75 new or extended roads began during the year.In terms of road micro-upgrading, we renovated 140 back streets and alleys, and brought 32 traffic congestion points under control.Six is wisdom city construction, according to the system of “one center, three, four platforms” in the modern city management system construction ideas, wisdom upgrade “brain” city management center, to establish “wisdom urban construction” chengguan “wisdom” wisdom “intelligent traffic” three big city management system, perfecting the urban water, electricity, gas and heat supply four infrastructure intelligent management platform.Data diagram do six key industrial clusters in the superior industrial projects, 162 according to Hohhot jun-ping xing, secretary of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2022, zhuhai will speed up to establish manufacturing level is high, less pollution, low energy consumption intensity, match the capital city function orientation of modern industrial system, focus on the six major industrial cluster do best and stronger.This year, we plan to implement 162 key industrial projects, with a total investment of 115.8 billion yuan, and complete investment of about 25 billion yuan that year.Among them, there are 29 key industrial projects worth more than 1 billion yuan, with a total investment of 91.2 billion yuan. The total investment is expected to be about 18 billion yuan this year.Focus on “high-end”, integrate the deployment of “six industrial clusters” industrial chain and innovation chain.One is to cultivate green agricultural and livestock products processing industrial clusters led by dairy industry and grass seed industry.The second is to foster industrial clusters of new materials and modern equipment manufacturing led by advanced silicon materials and intelligent technology.The third is to cultivate biological vaccine as the focus of biomedical industrial clusters.Fourth, cultivate electronic information technology industrial clusters featuring big data and cloud computing.Fifth, foster clean energy industrial clusters based on green electricity.Sixth, cultivate modern chemical industry clusters with energy saving and low carbon as the direction.At the same time, we will focus on “green” and accelerate the green and low-carbon development of manufacturing.Focus on “intelligence” and give full play to the amplification, superposition and multiplication effect of digital technology on industrial economy.Focus on “intensive” and comprehensively improve the carrying capacity of industrial parks.Focus on “comfortable”, to create a first-class industrial development environment.Focus on “stability” to ensure the stable and healthy operation of the industrial economy.According to Wang Wenmei, director of Hohhot education Bureau, in order to meet the needs of the people to “go to school and learn”, to do a good job in the capital people’s satisfactory education, and to build a “suitable learning city”, Hohhot will plan to build a number of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the next five years.In order to implement the task of building or expanding 33 primary and secondary schools and 19 kindergartens in 2022, the Municipal Education Bureau will give full play to its overall coordination function, establish a municipal overall coordination mechanism, and urge all the counties, banners and districts to fully understand the shortage of degrees in their own regions.According to regional population agglomeration degree and scale of running a school situation, the urbanization development level, the fertility policy adjustment and education service requirements, in accordance with the “advance planning, should be built to build” principle, take “a timely planning, step-by-step implementation, year after year, number of new primary and secondary schools, kindergarten and land space, population distribution and the existing teaching resources matching,We will address the shortage of public degrees.Among the projects to be built and renewed this year, there are 4 directly affiliated schools, 13 in the new urban area, 8 in The Hui People’s District, 6 in Yuquan District, 11 in Saihan District, 8 in Tuzuo Qi, 1 in Helin County and 1 in Helin New District.At the same time, an early warning mechanism will be established to dynamically adjust the degree allocation standards, appropriately advance planning and increase the supply of resources, and constantly optimize the regional education layout.So far, 101.25 million yuan has been allocated for preschool education construction and 69.25 million yuan for compulsory education capacity improvement.According to Han Quanfen, director of Hohhot’s Health Commission, the city will launch four projects this year.The first project is the relocation project of the Second Hospital of The City, with a total construction area of 108,000 square meters and 500 beds in the first phase. The project will be started in April 2021 and has been fully resumed. It is planned to complete the AB construction of the door (emergency) clinic building within this year.The second project is the Medical care Center project of Mongolian Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with a total construction area of about 71,000 square meters and 728 beds planned. Construction will start in September 2020, and the main construction is planned to be completed in August this year.Two new projects: one is the municipal mental health center construction project, with a total floor area of 30,000 square meters and 290 beds planned.Second, the construction project of the Municipal Occupational Disease Prevention and Control Institute, with a total construction area of about 20,000 square meters and 100 planned beds.The two projects are going through land use and construction approval procedures at the same time and are scheduled to start before May Day.Data diagram of new continuous scale dairy farms 20 according to Hohhot NongMuJu, deputy director of the plum blossom, beginning in 2020, the Erie healthy modern wisdom valley, mengniu dairy industrial park two key project construction, to ensure milk companies processing requirements, improve the milk supply ability, Hohhot to launch a new round of large-scale dairy farms throughout the city construction.The company has successively started construction of 16 large-scale dairy farms with more than 3,000 cows in Tuzuo Banner, Helin County, Tuo County, Qingshuihe County and Saihan District, with a design scale of 169,000 cows. When all the farms are completed, the annual output of fresh milk can be increased by 800,000 tons.Currently, 13 farms have started breeding cows with a stock of nearly 52,000, and another three farms could be operational by the end of 2022.This year, it plans to build another four large dairy farms in Tuzuo Banner and Helin County, with a design scale of 60,000 head. After completion, the annual output of fresh milk can be increased by 300,000 tons.Data figure

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