Today, Yuchai ship power company officially inaugurated

On February 9, Guangxi Yuchai Shipbuilding Electric Power Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “Yuchai Shipbuilding Electric Company”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yuchai, was officially inaugurated.The unveiling marks the beginning of the comprehensive independent operation of yuchai electric power enterprise, which will lay a solid foundation for the more vigorous development of Yuchai electric power enterprise.After years of development, Yuchai Shipbuilding has gradually improved from the original pure sales division into a business division integrating production, supply, marketing, service and research, and successively launched YC6T, YC6C, YC12VC, YC16VC and other hit products into the market, successfully entering the data center, communication system, oil and gas fields and other industries, realizing the transition to middle and high end.In 2021, Yuchai Shipbuilding & Electric co., Ltd. achieved sales of 51,900 units, with a year-on-year growth of more than 50% and a market share increase of 2.9 percentage points, ranking first in the industry.Among them, the power generation segment has achieved the planned sales target of 2025 four years in advance.In order to meet the needs of the development of ship electric power industry to continue to grow bigger and stronger, Yuchai Shares integrated resources, registered yuchai ship power Company.· Kang Daxin energy equipment co., LTD., chairman of the electronically controlled Shen Jianshan · nanyue (hengyang) industrial technology co., LTD., chairman of Long Meibiao Kang Daxin energy equipment co., LTD., chairman of the electronically controlled Shen Jianshan, nanyue (hengyang) industrial technology co., LTD., chairman of Long Meibiao respectively and supplier representative, as a representative of the hosts,Warm congratulations on the opening of Yuchai Ship electric Company.Yuchai, they say, is their most reliable customer and ally, and they are encouraged by yuchai’s hard work and pioneering spirit.On the new starting point of the opening of Yuchai Shipbuilding and electric Company, they will, as always, work side by side with Yuchai to complete a new chapter.Li Hanyang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Yuchai Group and Chairman of Yuchai Stock, said that the strong development of Yuchai Shipbuilding industry is an important achievement of the organizational reform of Yuchai, which cannot be separated from the hard work and innovation of the shipbuilding industry team.Can not leave the majority of dealers, OEM manufacturers, customers and suppliers of trust and support.The establishment of Yuchai Ship power Company opened a new chapter of Yuchai ship power business, marking yuchai ship power can fly more freely in the market fight.We hope yuchai Shipbuilding and Electric Company can build on the momentum, make good achievements, create more outstanding achievements and make greater contributions to yuchai 2025 strategic goals.(Yuchai Group)

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