Union Pay report: “sleep card” hidden account risk

More than 3 percent of respondents who suffered financial losses said they had lent their bank cards for profit, mainly students, small and micro business owners and self-entrepreneurs, according to a report released by China Union Pay.According to the 2021 Mobile Payment Security Survey research Report released by China UnionPay, mobile payment will present new features in 2021, with improved protection of financial consumers’ rights and interests and a decrease in the per capita loss of the surveyed groups.However, the scope of the damaged people has expanded, illegal trading accounts, network live broadcast fraud and other prominent problems.In daily life, many people have multiple bank cards at the same time, some of which have low utilization rate of bank cards as “sleep cards”.The report showed that people who lent cards were more likely to lose money, and the amount of money they lost.The respondents who had more than 10 bank cards and suffered losses lost more than 3,000 yuan per person, which was 50% higher than the average loss of the injured group.From the fraudulent way, network broadcast and virtual currency trading speculation accounted for a relatively high.According to the report, about 11 percent of respondents have experienced online live streaming fraud, with an average loss of more than 3,500 yuan, among which the elderly have a higher proportion of large fraud losses.Among the groups participating in the speculation activities of virtual currency trading, the surveyed groups, such as people over 45 years old, small and micro business owners, independent entrepreneurs and students, accounted for the largest proportion.China UnionPay risk control experts suggest that consumers should manage their personal accounts and QR codes well, do a good job of “sleep card” and related account management, do not lend or rent bank cards and payment codes.At the same time, guard your sensitive personal information.In addition, resolutely resist online gambling, “run points” money laundering and other illegal and criminal activities, find such illegal platforms to actively report.Source: Xinhuanet Review: Yu Fanghua

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