Double color ball 22017 sun ticket appreciation, tonight lottery, I hope to bring you good luck

Life is like a journey, all the way hard, all the way scenery, your eyes and is your realm of life.Always see better than their own people, that you are going up the hill;Always see not as good as their own people, that you are going downhill, rather than complain, think change.Well, the words of life will not say much, next enjoy the double color ball 22017 period drying tickets, before drying tickets we review the last period drawing numbers red ball :05, 10, 19, 20, 29, 31, basketball number :14, the national out of the first prize 15 notes, second prize 336 notes, this period you won?Above is today’s ticket to appreciate you first come over here, we refer to enjoy, not blindly follow suit, do not imitate, rational purchase color, strengths, entertainment is given priority to, the lottery as the spice of life is good, don’t put the lottery as a tool of making money, after all, the probability of lottery prize in where, I wish you good luck, we see you next time!

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