During the Qingming Festival, the overall security situation in the province is stable

Reporters learned from the provincial security commission office on April 7 that during the Qingming Festival, the overall safety situation in the province was stable, and there was no larger production safety accidents and natural disasters.During the Qingming Festival, the provincial security commission office, the provincial emergency department urged and guided all departments to strictly implement the safety production “fifteen hard measures”, solid during the Qingming Festival safety prevention, emergency duty and other work, to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property.The provincial security and Commission Office and the provincial emergency Response Department closely monitor weather changes, deeply analyze and analyze the situation of production safety and natural disasters in the province, adhere to a daily meeting, a daily dispatch, a daily report, and dynamically deploy work on production safety, disaster prevention and mitigation, forest fire prevention and firefighting in different places.Spot check and dispatch of 30 municipal (county) emergency departments and six rescue teams on duty and emergency preparedness.Across departments focus on coal mine, the coal mine, transportation, construction, hazardous chemicals, and fireworks, forest fire prevention, and other areas of the key industries, focus on responsibility implement, supervision and management, the key link of preventive measures and emergency preparedness, in-depth to carry out the supervision inspection, the hidden perils, extensive safety science.Nine provincial comprehensive inspection teams were dispatched to 9 cities (prefectures) of the province to carry out supervision and inspection, and cities (prefectures), counties (cities, districts) also sent corresponding working groups to carry out supervision and inspection and hidden trouble investigation.During the Qingming Festival, the province’s safety production “double control” system input problems more than 5,800 hidden dangers, have been all rectified and implemented.In view of the situation of forest fire risk prone and high incidence during the Qingming Festival, the provincial security and Commission office urged all regions to do hidden trouble rectification, fire source control, monitoring and early warning, emergency preparedness, fire case investigation and punishment “five in place”, fighting strength, equipment and materials, organization and command “three forward”.During the Qingming Festival, more than 800 emergency rescue teams, more than 4,600 commanders and combatants, more than 2,600 emergency vehicles and more than 10,000 sets of rescue equipment are always on standby for emergency preparedness.Guizhou daily sky eye news reporter Huang Jun first instance editor Luo Liangliang second instance editor Li Bing editor Wu Wenxian

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