Hu Mingxuan training injured feet wrapped gauze, Zhao Rui into Guangdong did not train with the team was suspected

The third stage of the CBA will start in about 10 days, now the team signing window has passed, Guangdong Team also successfully signed Tang Jie, at present, all the teams are wasting time training, preparing for the third stage of the tournament, Guangdong team is the same.First, Hu Mingxuan foot gauze suspected injury, but no big problem yesterday came out of a video on the network, after the guangdong team training, the players have returned to the dormitory;Hu Mingxuan also back to the dormitory, but Hu Mingxuan’s feet wrapped in thick gauze, suspected in training, accidentally injured the foot.In front of the dormitory staff gave Hu mingxuan a big hug.The fans were worried about The injury of Hu Mingxuan, and the comments below the video asked if Hu Mingxuan was injured. The video photographer responded that everything was fine and nothing serious.Hu should be in the team training, accidentally injured his foot, fortunately, no big problem!Because left the game time is not much, if again out of what unwieldy, Guangdong team will encounter trouble.Second, Hu Mingxuan was mocked after his injury, but more concerned about Hu Mingxuan is guangdong team’s absolute core defender, as a quality player, has made a lot of contributions to the team.But Hu mingxuan in the first stage and the second stage of the match performance is not particularly good, I hope he returned to the third stage, play real strength.However, some of the comments below the video were not very friendly, saying that the team training was also bumpy, and that they were too careless.He was ridiculed by many;But more concern for Hu and hope he is ok.From the voting of the All-Star game and the CBA player power list, Hu Mingxuan’s supporters are very many, his votes are very high, loved by the majority of fans.Some fans may be biased against Hu Mingxuan, but the majority of fans still voted for him in the all-star starting team, which is also a recognition and support for Hu Mingxuan.Third, Zhao Rui did not train with the team after entering Guangdong, which aroused doubts that Zhao Rui had already returned to Guangdong. However, Zhao Rui kept a low profile after returning to Guangdong, and neither social platforms nor guangdong Hongyuan officials exposed the news of Zhao Rui’s return to the team.Zhao Rui has been questioned by many fans since he left the team due to injury in the second stage. Many fans said that Zhao Rui did not reach an agreement with the salary of the team, that Zhao Rui and Du Feng were not in accord, and that Zhao Rui wanted to join Beijing Capital Iron Team, that Qin Xiaowen offered maximum salary to sign Zhao Rui.Hongyuan team training without Zhao Rui these are nonsense, ridiculous.Zhao Rui is impossible to leave Guangdong team, but not because of the salary issue to leave Guangdong team, Zhao Rui is the future successor of Guangdong team, Du Feng is Zhao Rui’s bole, he has no reason to leave Guangdong team, as for the salary issue, Zhao Rui is the initiative to reduce salary, he can take the maximum salary.However, After Zhao Rui returned to Guangdong, he did not show his face. He did not see Zhao Rui in hongyuan’s several training sessions, indicating that Zhao Rui did not train with the team after entering Guangdong.No matter what the reason, I hope Zhao Rui can play smoothly in the third stage, and then I can see a humorous, explosive and powerful Zhao Rui playing on the court.

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