Revice: New OP screen more and more underworld, terrible things are about to happen!

Some time ago, Our Superman Menda was still on the screen. Now Menda superman is treated as missing, and the commander is replaced by some officer Akashi who doesn’t look like a good guy. What is the OP trying to tell us?The latest changes in OP mask knight Revice concentration, 22 OP besides chief executive has changed, and the bath weiss, torre’s name to play the scene in the keefe seal, new sophomores and sakura become false face knight fight scenes, speaking of the replacement of chief, small make up this is what I want, the door Tian Chaoren once said:I used to look forward to the emergence of a hero, then the hero did not appear, in the end, had to become a hero.Mentian superman this sentence has been through the scene of his exit, we thought Mentian superman became a chief, can make the situation become clear, as a result, the new chief and squid guy PY deal was accidentally seen by Mentian Superman, the new chief take advantage of the chaos, now Phoenix is the enemy or friends?In addition, the seal there has also changed, some people say that if the first appearance of Igarashi, it is too father because of forced to participate in the human body test;The second appearance of Igarashi, that Igarashi is a glow.The villain scene changes from the Deadmans trio to the Cow Island family and the new organization Sunday, so to speak — what do the Cow Island family want?Getting Sakura to join them, stealing keefe’s seal, what’s wrong with Phoenix?Aguilera or have the chance to wash the recent toying circle valley popular love brain female villain, the front of the Carmela has been dazed to the point of very crazy, has been completely buried, and Aguilera has to save, at the same time this role in the eyes of a house is also very popular.If you put it in context, aguilera’s parents were used as guinea pigs by Phoenix when she was a child, perhaps the chief thought she was too young to be brainwashed, so he gave her to the Deadmans’ followers to raise her, telling them: You will be Keefe SAMA’s wife, so she will do her best for Keefe SAMA.In addition, Yuzhfiliou has stepped into the scope of whitewashing, one is not the ability to become a devil, the other is that he was forced to liangshan by the society, now he ah, caught the only light, if the honest person once angry, the consequences will be very serious.As for the squid guy?He was born a dandruff, let him really become a fire!The Phoenix, the Deadmans, and the latest Sunday are all bad, says one reviewer. Few of the Igarashi brothers can trust them. The Doctor seems to be trying to make your belt, but all he really wants is the results of the experiment.Deadmans, needless to say, has the villain written all over his face.And cattle island a head of Sunday, they have not been exposed before secretly monitoring 50 haze home and waiting for the resurrection of Kiff.Finally, I summed up so much, thousands of words finally gathered into a sentence like this: Don’t die Revice!If this all collapses that is really eat date pill, above is this issue want to say the thing, I say so, you just take a look, like pay attention to those also don’t forget, CIAO!~

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