Lianyungang Medical Insurance Bureau has taken five measures to guarantee medical treatment for citizens

What specific policies and measures have lianyungang Medical Security Bureau introduced for epidemic prevention and control?Li Hong, deputy director of lianyungang Medical Security Bureau, made a response at a press conference on epidemic prevention and control.After the outbreak of this round of epidemic, lianyungang Medical Insurance Bureau took effective measures in policy adjustment, fund allocation, out-of-person service and process simplification based on the actual situation to ensure smooth medical purchase of insured people.First, rapid pre-allocation of funds to support the treatment of COVID-19 patients.After the outbreak of the epidemic, lianyungang Medical Insurance Bureau, together with the Municipal Finance Bureau, quickly allocated medical insurance funds to the designated hospitals at the municipal level and the designated hospitals for “yellow code” personnel, effectively alleviating the pressure of the hospital’s advance payment, ensuring that the cost of COVID-19 patients and the treatment of the designated medical institutions are not affected by the payment.The medical expenses of inpatients shall be paid in a timely manner, 100% of all compliance expenses shall be reimbursed, and settlement shall be made after treatment for patients seeking medical treatment in other places.Second, timely adjustment of policies to make medical treatment for special groups more convenient.During the epidemic period, when there is a discrepancy between designated dialysis hospitals and receiving hospitals, the policy will be flexibly adjusted, and it will be made clear that the receiving hospitals will directly adjust the designated dialysis hospitals dynamically without the need for individual patients to go through the procedure of changing the designated dialysis hospitals.To solve the problem of drug use for patients with chronic diseases in outpatient clinics, while continuing to implement the policy of prescribing three months ‘worth of drugs at a time, the designated chain pharmacies of Kangji Pharmacy were temporarily included in the scope of outpatient medical insurance settlement for purchasing drugs for chronic diseases.Insured patients can complete the whole process of drug purchase through “online prescription by doctors, electronic medical insurance certificate settlement or advance payment and reimbursement, and offline delivery by pharmacies” to effectively solve the urgent needs of patients.Third, we need to ensure that drugs negotiated by the national medical insurance system, such as anti-tumor targeted drugs, are readily available.In view of the traffic control during the epidemic period, the Medical Insurance Bureau required Dongfang Hospital to step up procurement efforts to ensure proper stock, and try to enable insured people in eastern urban areas to purchase drugs without leaving the hospital.At the same time, a designated drugstore was added in the eastern urban area to realize barrier-free drug purchase and settlement.For the insured members whose doctors in charge of the national medical insurance negotiation are doctors in Haizhou District, they can purchase drugs from temporary designated pharmacies in the eastern urban area according to electronic prescriptions and go to the nearest Dongfang Hospital for injection and settlement.For quarantined people, we will coordinate kangji chain drugstores to distribute drugs according to their dosage.At present, the daily settlement of designated pharmacies in the national medical insurance negotiation reaches more than 120 people (times), involving more than 110 varieties.Fourth, unimpeded “do not meet” channels, the full implementation of online, delay, appointment and other handling modes.In order to reduce the flow of window personnel from the source, reduce the risk of cross infection, the bureau has optimized the application process of special diseases in outpatient clinics, national medical insurance negotiation drug treatment, improve the quality and efficiency of handling services.Since the outbreak, 14,000 people have been reported and reviewed online for collection and payment, and 700 other medical insurance benefits have been handled online.Opened the medical insurance service hotline, provided consultation and offline booking services, and answered 5,600 people’s consultation (times).Fifth, we will relax regulations for special periods to provide better medical services.Referral channels within the city will be temporarily opened, and insured people in counties and districts who seek medical referral or are isolated in the city can directly contact the city for referral filing to reduce the flow of people.According to the principle of “emergency handling, special handling”, simplify the procedures of trauma admission examination and approval. After trauma patients or their family members fill in the letter of commitment, the hospital will handle the examination and approval first, so as to ensure that medical treatment first and verification later.In the next step, the bureau also needs to smooth the circulation channel of Internet hospital prescriptions to designated pharmacies, so that insured people can pay for drugs in designated pharmacies with their prescriptions, so as to realize more diversified and efficient ways of purchasing drugs.Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Zhang Lingfei proofread Wang Fei source: Purple Cow news

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