The rich spend millions to fall in love with the net friend, finally meet the real person, and fall apart

This voice is sweet man, claim oneself is a beautiful girl, looking at the female dress up from head to foot, call straight already not be the first time, from small to big go out to inspect a person, with female dress up give priority to, still be in blind date website even, impostor replace some star, talk about love with others.And this man and man’s love read, incredibly happened in, Mr. Wang and others, as usual in the Internet Surfing Mr. Wang, soon in the dating website, know this star, for the description of the Internet, let him love this woman and doubt!But then the video call from the other side, so that he had doubts, wholeheartedly rushed to get married, for a time two people chat in full heaven, wife husband sour smell!Filled his phone until his wife went missing and the cops showed up, and he realized he’d been lied to.Be informed fall in love with oneself while, still with the ambiguous Mr. Li of capital ceaseless, still bought a room to buy a car even, this lets two people dare not believe, but when they see true face, everything is so terrible!The other is not only a man, but also claims that he is the victim, is a sincere rush to get married.The original childhood by his parents abandon him, not only can live with grandma, even playmates are girls, such growth experience, let Ma gradually feminine, eventually to the road of fraud!But he did not know his mistake, say he is really like, to such result, public only helpless!For this kind of fake love, the first thing we should do is to protect our property safety, what do you think?

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