Zouping No. 1 middle school senior division held art and sports students career planning forum

The college entrance examination road is long, the road is blocked and long.In the afternoon of February 16th, zouping No. 1 High School senior level department and art and sports department jointly organized the “2021 art and sports students career planning symposium”.The main content of the conference is to explain, analyze and communicate the career planning of art and sports students.For the questions and ideas raised by students, the head teacher and professional teachers will answer them one to one.Zhao Bo, director of the senior department, Wei Jiazhou, director of the art and physical education Department, all the head teachers of grade one, teachers of art and physical education and more than 150 students attended the symposium.Wei Jiazhou first made a brief analysis of the situation of the freshmen in our school, so that the students could have a clearer understanding of their current situation.He pointed out that career planning is the exploration, guidance and standardization of students’ interests, personality, skills and values. It is of great significance for every student to do a good job in career planning.A reasonable career plan will help students find their own way of learning, growth and development.The director of the teaching and research office of music, physical education and fine arts of the art and Physical education department respectively made a detailed explanation of the problems concerned by the students of this major.It also talks about the major categories, major requirements, major admission and employment prospects, joint examination content and admission methods, etc.Professional teachers and head teachers communicate with students face to face and answer each student’s individual questions one by one.The choices we make today may be the turning points of our lives tomorrow.This symposium, is a new starting line, is a beginning of the dream of all senior one students, is another starting point for senior one students.Through this activity, students are expected to correct their learning attitude, firm belief in learning, and strive for an ideal life.Reviewed by Zhu Yi, edited by Ju Jialun, Art and Sports Department

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