Liaozhai story: the wife’s back suddenly itched, the husband stretched out his hand to scratch her, only to scratch the snake scales all over the bed

During the Jin Dynasty, Tian Feihu, a native of Jin Ling, made a living by catching snakes. He was agile and well versed in this way. Every day, he would go to the wild to catch snakes with snake tools.That summer, Tian Feihu went to the wild to catch snakes, did not expect him to go to the wild, but saw a woman in a white dress fainted on the roadside.The woman was born beautiful, white and beautiful, tian Feihu saw the woman back home, and invited the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.The doctor prescribed medicine and left, tian Feihu for the woman busy, but also medicine is cooking.Under tian Feihu’s careful care, the next morning, the woman in white finally woke up.After the white woman woke up, tian Feihu first feed the woman drank a cup of tea, then asked her identity and origin, also said to send it back home, did not expect the white woman heard tian Feihu’s words but cried out.Tian Feihu saw the woman in white crying, immediately came forward to comfort, he gently advised for a long time, the woman in white finally spoke his identity.White woman claimed to be called vegetable cloud, she lost her parents at a young age, elder brother and sister-in-law forced her to marry an old rich man, that rich man can be the grandfather of vegetable cloud, vegetable cloud do not want to marry the old rich man, they fled from home, but she did not eat for two days, hungry fainted in the roadside.Tian Feihu heard that the vegetable cloud has a home can not go back, then smiled and said to the vegetable cloud: “anyway, I am also a person, it is better for you to live here, as long as you want to live.”Element cloud heard tian Feihu willing to take yourself, grateful to him in the heart, she blushed to Tian Feihu thanked and thanked.Since then, element cloud then stayed in tian Feihu home.Tian Feihu left element cloud this is a good move, did not expect element cloud left, but the life of tian Feihu caused a great impact.Tian Feihu is a snake catcher, every day to catch snakes in the wild, but when he will catch the snake home, su Yun will secretly let go of those snakes.At the beginning, Tian feihu thought that he did not close the bamboo cage, the snakes were secretly escaped, until he got up in the middle of the night to check the bamboo cage, he found that he had set the snakes free.Tian Feihu questioned why the cloud let the snake, did not expect the cloud’s answer, but let tian Feihu’s heart a shock, since then he never caught a snake.Element cloud see Tian Feihu found himself released the snakes, did not panic, she watched as cool as a cucumber as Tian Feihu said: “I know you catch the snakes are also not easy, also know you to make a living, but everything in the world – based, if you will be near the snake catches the light, near the vole they don’t have a natural enemy, the crops will be cut.”Element cloud said not every season there will be snakes, tian Feihu if not another way out, every winter will run out of savings, hands can not save a penny.Tian Feihu think vegetable cloud words are very reasonable, in the cloud persuasion, Tian Feihu finally gave up the snake, he took out all his savings to buy a few acres of land, when the field is not busy, he went up the mountain cutting wood, so busy for a period of time, the day is really over the better.Tian Feihu every time out, element cloud at home for its laundry cooking, tian Feihu feel element cloud is a gentle and virtuous woman, so the cloud moved the heart, and to show his mind.Get along through this period of time, element cloud also liked tian Feihu, so two people will be married, married.Tian Feihu in element cloud together, the couple two people get along well, very affectionate, but such a comfortable life only two months, tian Feihu found element cloud anomaly.That night, tian Feihu and plain cloud just want to go to bed, plain cloud said his back suddenly itching uncomfortable, because plain cloud can not reach the position, tian Feihu stretched out his hand to help plain cloud scratching, did not expect that he therefore found plain cloud deep secret.Tian Feihu help scratch the back of the cloud, did not expect to scratch the snake scale from the back of the cloud, Tian Feihu see those white snake scales, scared out of his senses, plain cloud is clearly a person, how can her back out of the snake scale?Tian Feihu busy with the snake scale questioned vegetable cloud, vegetable cloud see snake scale also changed face, she knew his secret not to hide, then tearful Tian Feihu explained the truth.The original element cloud is not human, but a hundred years of practice snake demon, she and Tian Feihu meet those words are made up.Because tian Feihu often catch snakes, affected the normal reproduction of the snake, element cloud is the snake king in this area, she can not bear to see their descendants are lost tian Feihu hands, this just become human and Tian Feihu get to know.Vegetable cloud first fainted on the side of the road, caused tian Feihu’s attention, and then make up the poor life, in order to let Tian Feihu take her, she let tian Feihu catch the snake every day, but also to save their children.But element cloud feel like this is not the way, Tian Feihu still every day to catch snakes, so she changed the idea of Tian Feihu, let Tian Feihu dismissed the idea of catching snakes for a living.Tian Feihu changed his mind, element cloud wanted to leave, but she found that she had fallen in love with her Tian Feihu, so element cloud to stay with tian Feihu.Element cloud after the truth, tian Feihu did not abandon her, he said no matter element cloud is a demon, he will be with element cloud.Element cloud was tian Feihu really moved, after she stayed in Tian Feihu side, two people hehemumu lived a day.Later, element cloud for tian Feihu gave birth to a pair of children.Years later, tian Feihu old, element cloud is changed back to a white snake back to the mountain, but that white snake often appear and disappear before tian Feihu grave, people say element cloud is guarding Tian Feihu in their own way.

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