Shanwei traffic police qingming eve into the countryside to carry out “beautiful village line” traffic safety publicity activities

Qingming Festival is approaching, people will go out to sweep tombs, worship activities and short and medium distance self-driving trips will be greatly increased, in order to ensure smooth, safe and orderly road traffic during the qingming Festival.April 1 in the afternoon, shanwei city traffic police brigade organization in-depth police jurisdiction east stone village “beautiful country” traffic safety preaching activities, strengthen the tomb-sweeping day ahead of the traffic safety propaganda, fully contained the overcrowding, overload, speeding, fatigue driving, drink driving, such as traffic violations, to prevent major workplace road traffic accidents, ensure the masses in rural travel safety.Police activities, propaganda through the decoration display boards, publicity materials and put up posters for the way the villagers on travel safety tips, cautions in rural areas and common agricultural vehicles manned, conventional, unlicensed unlicensed, drunken driving drunk, ride motorcycles, electric cars do not wear safety helmet hazards such as traffic violations of the law and cause serious consequences.At the same time, the publicity of epidemic prevention and control knowledge should be carried out to remind villagers to consciously abide by the relevant requirements of the notice issued by the Office of COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Shanwei city on the mourning activities during the Qingming Festival in 2022, and advocate civilized mourning for villagers.Subsequently, through the publicity car scene broadcast traffic safety propaganda warning film and the use of rural “loudspeaker” education of the vast rural masses consciously abide by the traffic laws and regulations, abandon bad traffic habits, jointly create a good rural road traffic environment.Traffic safety rural loudspeaker, 00:15 source: Shanwei traffic police brigade in the urban area

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