An International freighter carrying 4,000 luxury cars caught fire at sea. Porsches and Bentleys burned down

Paris, Feb. 19 (Far) A 200-meter freighter carrying 4,000 luxury cars, including Porsches and Bentleys, caught fire off the Azores islands on Wednesday.The 22 crew members on board were rescued by helicopter and there were no casualties.So far, the cargo ship has flames.The Felicity Ace, a cargo ship sailing from Emden, Germany, to Davisville, Rhode Island, caught fire more than 100 kilometers from the Azores islands in Portugal, French media reported.The journey of the cargo ship Felicity Ace began Feb. 10 from the port of Emden in northwestern Germany, where Volkswagen has a factory, to Davisville, Rhode Island, on the EAST coast of the United States.According to real-time Vessel tracking website Vessel Finder, the Vessel’s estimated arrival date is February 23.But the ship may never reach its destination.The Felicity ACE was sailing near the Azores islands when it burst into flames on Wednesday February 16. According to captain Joao Cabecas, “The fire burned from one end of the ship to the other…Everything about five metres above the waterline was on fire.”Portuguese authorities quickly arranged a helicopter rescue on Thursday, February 17, and all 22 crew members were brought to safety with no injuries or deaths.The 200-meter-long vessel is carrying about 4,000 luxury cars, including 1,100 Porsches and 189 Bentleys, the New York Times reported.After the helicopter rescued the crew, the cargo ship was still burning and its high-end cars were burned.According to Reuters, electric cars with lithium batteries on board were likely the cause of the ship’s fire.Portuguese authorities reported that as of Thursday, February 17, the fire is still ongoing but “stable”, a Portuguese navy Marine patrol boat has been sent to the scene to monitor the development of the fire, the disaster has not caused Marine pollution.A number of tugboats have set out to try to tow the burning ship back to shore.But according to the captain, the ship could not be towed to the Azores because it was too large and would hinder trade in the port.Three of the tugboats, from the Gibraltar region and the Netherlands, are due to arrive on Wednesday.Meanwhile, a rescue team has been sent to the scene to try to contain the blaze.

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