Does anyone still donate money to Liu Xin?Liu Xin took the fan donation lawsuit, let a person too angry

Lock the door, resulting in jiang Ge was killed, the scene was afraid, in fact, understandable.But after the gesture is too chilling, because you died, ordinary friends or unique friendship, you should go to comfort Jiang Mother, but you did not do.I saw the interview of your meeting. It was not long after Jiang Ge’s accident, and you were wearing red pants. So I could only ha-ha about your character at that time.Very admire Jiang Ge mother, has been asking for justice for her daughter, if it is me, I think I may take extreme measures, let her daughter get justice clearly, few people can insist until now, Jiang Ge mother is really great.Xue-zhou liu events occur, and xue-zhou liu was unfortunate life experience about the relationship, he was lack of love, he didn’t hurt people, only hurt himself, he is the victim, worthy of sympathy, liu to warm the sunrise she is in the process of protected by jiang song didn’t killed by his former boyfriend, and she let jiang song were killed, and the whole process of this she did not help jiang song,She also threatened jiang Ge’s mother, insult, network explosion her practice let people sigh, let people angry, who can say she is worthy of others’ sympathy?Don’t say that the network can forcing her, or her crazy, she has been in this kind of environment for five to six years, she was forced to die if it should is it’s happened four or five years ago, when so over the years has not been forcing, her psychology to bear ability is also in the five or six years long time net and explosion in the process of practice.She locked the door. The first time she called the police, she said I locked the door, and then when she called the police again, they asked her did you lock the door?She answered with a Japanese, hi, there are clear recording, only then record confession, return to China and she doesn’t admit the why jiang song mother can wins, evidence, I suspected the real reason why she didn’t tell the truth, is the matrimony, why she did not identify the murderer, again not cure jiang song, is because of her,She must be handed sword song let jiang song jiang to scare away Chen Shifeng, knife to make Chen Shifeng, out of business, she pushed the door open to see one eye, frighten I locked the door, Chen Shifeng kill song jiang, anger inside also want to kill her, scared she quickly called the police, only in this way to match her why not go out to see, didn’t call an ambulance, because the knife is caused her hands,So at a loss, pretend innocent don’t know to avoid responsibility.Liu Devil actually has fans?And donate money to her?Is the world so evil and unreasonable?Liu should ask her fans to pay for her life. They should be herself, not Jiang Ge, right?Should be looking forward to Chen Shifeng early out to kill Liu, and then they take the initiative for Liu by knife?I can’t understand the weird world where bangs have fans.To be honest, I can’t believe her fans gave her $300,000.Do not be like the case of sister Feng in those days, the media in order to flow a lot of sister Feng incredible things are made up by editors.Not everything is made up, of course, but embellishment and embellishment make it all sour, and a lot of media make it up out of thin air.So Sister Feng went to the United States because of this matter aggrieved, said a lot of things a lot of words are not she said.Like Liu Xin, she is a scum on a single piece of concrete information.Scum doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with his behavior, so she’s in this situation.But it’s also better not to make things up, because that’s a different issue, that’s the Internet environment.Don’t end up with a bunch of fake information.Then again, I don’t think it’s true that fans tipped her 300,000.Liu Xin did kill Jiang Ge on purpose.She knew her ex-boyfriend was gonna kill her that day.Hide to jiang Ge home, but also deliberately do not tell Jiang Ge.He also locked out the door.She just wanted Jiang Ge to be her scapegoat.Liu Xin certainly dare not admit ah, admitted to be about to bear legal responsibility.Originally that day she did not want to let Jiang Ge to be a scapegoat, was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend is her.I don’t have the life to be here.Liu Xin still thinks this matter is she and jiang Ge daughter’s and daughter’s thing only now.She, her fans and her lawyers are too naive. This is about mainstream values in the country.Liu Xin do so, unless she has the strength to keep up with the people hard, otherwise want to win the basic impossible to borrow and adapt that year that rabbit those things inside the eagle sauce lines: I didn’t pick up you not I can’t pick up you, but I don’t want to pick up you, I want to pick up you what do you matter?!Liu Xin’s lawyer really thought he was a lawyer, so no one dared to move if he turned black and white upside down?That’s just because the state doesn’t want to mess with you right now.

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