How to work during home quarantine?Suzhou response

Suzhou, Feb. 16 (People’s Daily Online by Wang Jiliang) As of 15:00 Sunday, suzhou had reported a total of 35 confirmed cases and 7 asymptomatic cases.The human resources and social security bureau of Suzhou said on Monday evening that companies should flexibly arrange their working hours during quarantine and protect the rights and interests of employees under quarantine in accordance with the law.According to the report, the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security supports enterprises affected by the epidemic to apply for the implementation of the comprehensive working hour system according to the production and operation needs, and implement the centralized work and centralized rest mode to maintain normal production and operation.For enterprises applying for the first time, the system of informing and undertaking shall be adopted, and those fulfilling democratic procedures according to law shall be subject to examination and approval in accordance with regulations.For enterprises that have implemented the comprehensive working hour system and whose validity period of approval expires in 2022, the validity period of the original approval may be extended after the approval of the trade union and the report to the examination and approval department.For enterprises experiencing difficulties in production and operation due to the epidemic, enterprises are encouraged to stabilize their jobs through consultation and democratic procedures, such as adjusting salaries, rotating posts and holidays, and reducing working hours, so as to minimize or minimize layoffs.For those who are temporarily unable to pay wages, the enterprise shall be guided to negotiate with the trade union or employee representatives to postpone payment.Flexible isolation during the worker working time responded that occupy the home, the worker with “yellow code” home quarantine observation or worker is a “green code” for epidemic prevention and control requirements (such as a community, building control, centralized nucleic acid detection, etc.) during the implementation of quarantine, conditional enterprise can arrange worker through telephone, Internet and other flexible way of working at home to work to complete the task;For enterprises that do not have telecommuting conditions, they can negotiate with employees and give priority to the use of paid annual leave and welfare leave set by the enterprise itself.If an employee is on annual leave, marriage or funeral leave, maternity leave or husband’s nursing leave, etc., and is quarantined at home according to epidemic prevention requirements, the relevant leave shall not be postponed due to the overlap with the period of home quarantine observation.If an enterprise arranges annual leave for its staff and workers during the period of home quarantine, it shall inform the staff and workers in advance and shall not treat it as annual leave taken afterwards.Protects by isolation measures according to worker pay pay equity response also said that to will be coronavirus pneumonia patients, suspected patients and close contacts during the segregation during treatment or medical observation and isolation measures by the government is unable to provide normal labor worker, unit of choose and employ persons ought to be regarded as provided normal work and pay their wages.Employees holding the yellow code for home quarantine observation or employees holding the green code for quarantine observation due to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control (such as community and building containment, centralized nucleic acid testing, etc.) and employees arranged to work at home shall be paid corresponding wages according to law.If an enterprise does not arrange its employees to work at home, it shall (according to the provisions of Article 28 of the “Regulations on Wage Payment of Jiangsu Province”) regard the employees as providing normal labor and pay their wages;If the workers take annual leave, marriage and funeral leave, family visit leave, maternity leave, male nursing leave and other holidays, the enterprise shall (according to the “Wage payment regulations of Jiangsu Province” 29 provisions) regard the workers as providing normal work and pay their wages.Suzhou people club bureau also said that in the current special period of epidemic prevention and control, enterprise and worker both sides should understand each other support, coagulation hearts meet force overcome difficulties, all the Shared responsibility, worker on appeal can negotiate through the trade unions and enterprises, to avoid unnecessary labor dispute, harmonious and stable labor relations, and jointly safeguard the special period to make contributions to the epidemic prevention and control in suzhou.

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