Lakers front office showdown, James rare rejection, championship is a dream

Coming off a three-game losing streak, the Lakers outscored Utah, fourth in the Western Conference, 17-4 in the final quarter to snap the losing streak and further demonstrate the flexibility and competitiveness of their current rotation.Only on this winning night, the Lakers took another hit.Davis, who scored 15 points in the first quarter, sprained his ankle in the second quarter and left the game with a 90-degree twist of his foot.After Davis returned from his liver injury, his condition improved dramatically as he settled into the paint more often, and when Davis moved to the no. 5 spot and played four hours, the lakers’ lineup was competitive.The latest injury, according to a follow-up examination, fortunately did not break any bones and required more than two weeks of rest.That means the Lakers will have to come to terms with being without Davis again around the All-Star break.It was a setback for the Lakers, who are in the process of securing a playoff berth, and the lakers’ management said the day before yesterday that the sky was dark in Los Angeles.After according to the reporter, after a failed transaction period, the lakers management for James, Davis, clear to inform their team is not willing to send future assets or pay the luxury tax to fill the roster, and straightforward, said: “their own is the key to the lakers go today this step, this is a list of teams and they choose their own.Lebron, Davis, Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony are all future Hall of Famers, and they’re not going to add to that.”The lakers have had plenty of problems on both ends of the floor this season, with a severe lack of productive midseason players on both ends and a costly offseason acquisition in Westbrook proving to be a misfit.But it’s rare for a team, from the owner to the front office, to say no to a trade because the team’s current problems are all about the player.Although the lakers’ core players, as the front office said, chose the roster themselves, it is quite normal for the front office to use the trade period to improve the roster properly and correct mistakes, and to refuse to trade again this season because of some bad deals in the offseason shows the lack of ability of the front office.It was also a rare rejection for James, who has been nicknamed “Manager James” by some fans as the team has tried to find the right mix of players for him in both Cleveland and Miami.That wasn’t the worst of it. The worst of it was the subsequent showdown of the lakers’ front office, which made no secret of the fact that the lakers’ core would remain unchanged, except for a few scraps, until they saw certain changes for the better.This is pretty strange signal, which means that if the lakers’ big three can’t rely on their own to solve the problem, the team will not change, in the absence of competitiveness is still known lineup so head iron, suggesting that the lakers management and have nots allow to ignore the rift between players, for the lakers’ future is buried in the heavy fog.Oh no, in the west many young team growth, established teams still strong, on the basis of the next season the lakers team will more difficult, the state of lebron James, the greater the slide in the first year old again little, fragile glass heavy eyebrows, this combination lack of competitiveness in the western conference, the lakers’ big three championship dream will also be a reason.It’s rare for a team’s front office to talk to the team’s core about next season’s roster before the All-Star break, a sign that the Lakers are clearly aware that this season has been a failure and that they can’t do anything about it, and that where they can go is up to the players.But the pattern also illustrates a simmering feud between the lakers’ front office, which could be the spark for a split next season. If you want a championship, leave the lakers as soon as possible.

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