Lantern Festival Lantern Festival to Jinjiang Chengdu Chunxi Road amusement fair happily staged

Cover news reporter Luo Tianyi in the first month to the first month is, the fifteenth day of the first month lanterns, happy yuanxiao, yuanxiao where to play?Come to Jinjiang and punch in.In order to accompany tourists to celebrate the Lantern Festival, February 15, it is the fifteenth day of the first month, chunxi road business circle around chunxi light city, combined with the Theme of the Lantern Festival, launched “the man, the lamp, there, the lights dim Lantern Festival” amusement activities.Enjoy lanterns, fete, guess lantern riddles, watch scene shows…A variety of folk activities will be staged in turn, which can be described as wonderful, lively, the scene will also be happy welfare voucher, let the public friends play hi, eat hi, swim hi, stroll hi!One-stop experience of “taste Jinjiang · Happy City” better life!In this activity, along the chunxi light city and there square, grandly launched through the scene performance, through wearing ancient clothing tongye romance and other stories full of situational performance.At the same time, visitors will be invited to fully interact, naturally into the scene atmosphere, creating an immersive experience through the ancient and modern, take you back to the song Dynasty Chengdu “light market” scene of people shuttle, warm atmosphere, give you a different play experience, come to the scene clock.Chunxi Light Market in accordance with the “Chunxi Road north section – Zhongshan Road square – Hongxing Road square – there square” light tour line, set up a number of light market theme installations and card points, and along the streets decorated with colorful sky light belt.When night falls, the lantern fair various and colorful lights light up, one by one and street lamps, shop signs lights, such as hand in photograph reflect, along with the prosperous glorious spring city road and “hum” all the lively scene, burst let you’re in a “lights go on, I, markets such as day, and colorful” the joy of the atmosphere.The 15th day of the event’s “main” – where square hold fete activities, there will be a facebook, clay, sugar painting, paper cutting, weaving lantern, oiled paper umbrella, kites, milk tea, dumplings and other traditional folk activities to present experience, but also set up guess riddles, citizen tourists to participate in activities can guess the riddles to receive a $9 jiaozi, joy,With this coupon, you can receive a designated prize for free, or it can be used as a discount coupon for merchants in Yucheng Jixiang Market.Along with the scene through the performance, guessing lantern riddles, folk experience to create a strong festival atmosphere, bring you to feel the charm of traditional culture, but also give the audience a different garden fun and physical and mental experience.This activity is the innovation practice of chunxi Road Business District based on the construction goal of “Taste Jinjiang · Happy City”, giving full play to the leading role of the core area of the international consumer center city, making full use of the leading role of tianfu tourism county, highlighting the scene interactive construction, promoting the inheritance and promotion of traditional culture, and building high-quality immersive experience.We continue to bring new experience of “tide play, tide enjoy, tide travel, tide shopping” to the public tourists, so that “when you come to Chengdu to Jinjiang, push the door is a better life” with more temperature, more texture, more connotation.

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