Haimen: “green” as the development background, green new landmark dress up the city

Walk the river embankment, spring to the green banks of the Yangtze River;Beside Jian Gong Lake, light billows green grass;Fu South green corridor, shady trees flowers all over the city……Haimen, taking “green” as the background color of development and ecological advantage, uses a new landmark of “green” everywhere to dress up the city scenery.Green, is the water environment “excellent ⅲ” rushed to the first quarter of this year, haimen 8 provincial examination, 6 municipal examination section average quality of excellent ⅲ proportion of 100%.In recent years, adhere to the “science and water conservancy, controlling water system, in the face of province, city in the cross section of the test evaluation, haimen ecological environment bureau has issued the haimen area joint conference system for the prevention and control of water pollution” haimen area regional compensation mechanism of water environment and the haimen area water environment quality early warning methods, formulated the 14 flood protection system;Carry out early warning of water environment, issue all kinds of early warning information, submission forms and early warning letters;For some sections to carry out continuous point detection and monitoring, water quality automatic station exceed the standard inspection;A total of 70 sewage outlets entering the sea were remedied, and the completion rate of monitoring, traceability and remediation reached 100%, fulfilling the two-year rectification task ahead of schedule.Haimen focuses on “ecological green space + water conservation + riverside scenery” to create riverside dynamic coastline and realize cultural co-prosperity, ecological co-existence and harmonious sharing.Adhering to the principle of “ecological priority and green development”, Haimen cancelled the positioning of Lingdian Chemical Industrial Park, rapidly transformed its leading functions, intensified the renovation and transformation of the chemical industry, and successively closed down more than 20 chemical enterprises within 1 km along the river.To create ecological parks, create green industries, and promote the development of the park industry to the direction of “specialization”;Shaping the coastal scenery belt along the river, Dongbuzhou Changtan Park Fendai Flower sea becomes the “net celebrity” of golden autumn Haimen card;Along the Qinglong River, 58 kilometers of scenic belt, 50,000 square meters of landscape greening in the core area and 520,000 square meters of ecological forest land are being promoted in an orderly manner.Zhang Jian Park, an ecological landscape belt along the river, is taking shape as a charming waterfront space with temperature and vitality that can be strolled through.Green is the guardian of the environmental protection vanguard of Haimen. Behind every improvement of environmental quality, there are ecological environmental people.In the first quarter of this year, Haimen dispatched 4,120 law enforcement officers, inspected 10,170 enterprises (locations), investigated 69 environmental violations, sealed up and seized 11 cases, transferred one administrative case and transferred one criminal case of pollution crime clues.Written by: Nantong Newspaper all media reporter Peng Junjun Correspondent Ji Yinping Editor: Peng Xiaoyan Light up and pay attention to more hot spots On the use of Nantong urban “Yellow code” Hemodialysis Center notice on the setting of highway special exit notice just, Rugao issued a notice!On the suspension of on-site activities such as qingming festival sweep notice price!Nantong from the implementation of qidong emergency search!

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