Should bank card of rural business collect year fee

Rural commercial bank debit card to charge an annual fee and small management fees.1. Rural Commercial Bank is a local small and medium-sized financial institution supported by the government. It is an important fulcrum for the government to implement the inclusive finance strategy and an important booster for the government to support the development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers.The emergence of rural commercial bank is the result of the reform of rural credit cooperatives, which aims to promote the transformation of rural credit cooperatives into modern banks and better serve “agriculture, rural areas and farmers”. At the same time, it can restrain the high interest lending of the private sector and reduce the financing cost of enterprises.2. Most of the loan customers of RURAL Commercial Bank are small and micro customers of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, which is in sharp contrast to the customers of listed agriculture, rural areas and farmers companies of large banks.Rural commercial bank’s main service object is still the town around the city, township branch in the income source, loan income is larger than the urban branch.3. Rural commercial banks, generally reformed by rural credit cooperatives and other banks, belong to the category of commercial banks.The definition of commercial banks is profit-making banks. Therefore, except for the People’s Bank of China, agricultural Development Bank, Export-Import Bank and Development Bank, they are all commercial banks.

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