Snooker’s final four is out of three!Yan bingtao advanced again, and the two Chinese players battled for the final place

On February 4, 2022, snooker Champions League winners group continues, the final four has been eliminated, Bingham, Higgins, Yan Bingtao to advance, Graeme.Dott and Scott Donaldson were eliminated and the final spot was up for grabs, with Liang wenbo and Zhao xintong battling it out. For Zhao, all he had to do was beat Scott.Donaldson, can catch the last train, is expected to meet Yan Bingtao.Liang, ranked 33rd in the world and one of the greatest moments of his career by winning the English Open, reached the semi-finals in singles this year, beating Scott 1-2 on the opening day.Donaldson, lost to Yan Bingtao, Graeme.In the second match, Liang wenbo lost to Zhao Xintong and beat Bingham, and finally challenged the world champion Higgins.The first inning higgins repeatedly to fit in with a 63-44 won the battle, liang wenbo simple mistakes too much, the second inning higgins hit single pole 32 points and mistakes, liang wenbo before 108 with color, also the third gold, slowly but surely, led 77-27, the fourth higgins hit 67 end of the game, the final 3-1 victory over liang wenbo,4-1, clinching a spot in the final four.Zhao Xintong and Graeme.The match in Dott was also underway, with the Chinese star in a slump and finally losing 3-1 to his opponent, Graeme.Dott carded a 62 and the victory was denied to Graeme.Dott created a chance to advance to the last four, but a 2-3 record did not go well for Cho, who ended up facing Scott.Donaldson’s result is crucial, he and Liang wenbo need to choose between two.Yan bingtao won six games in a row, none against Graeme.Dortmund and Scott donaldson, although a final against higgins didn’t play, but the overall record 3 and in the last four seats, review the entire season, YanBingTao is the most stable China’s overall performance, in fact it seems to many fans, he is not very good at short board, can be continuous two tournaments, he has shown strong competitiveness.Bingham, Liang Wenbo, Graeme.Dott played six group matches, Bingham 5-1, top of the table and through to the last four, Graeme.Dott and Leong are both 2-4, but Leong is the clear winner, Graeme.Dot finished fifth and was eliminated, Scott.Donaldson is 1-4 round short, and even if he can beat Chao, he won too few points.The final four of the Champions League is a three-way showdown between Chiu xintong and Scott.Donaldson, Chiu wins and advances, if you lose to Scott.Donaldson and Liang wenbo are likely to advance, so no matter what the final result is, it will be two Chinese players in the last four.

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