Tanggu street Ziyun Garden community: community property qi mobilization snow removal ice warm people

Continuous days of prevention and control of the results of the initial results, Tanggu Street Ziyun Garden community party members, property, volunteers still do not relax, continue to stick to their posts, do a good job of prevention and control work, fight a tough battle!On January 22, 2022, snowflakes came, and overnight, the whole bincheng was covered with snow, adding a bit of winter atmosphere.The snow affected the normal traffic, so the Ziyunyuan Community Party Committee immediately launched the Emergency Plan for Snow removal and ice Shoveling, and organized Binhai Century Property Company and community volunteers to sweep the snow on the main roads of the community before the residents went out, so as to reduce the potential safety hazards caused by the snow.At 9:00 a.m., the sky is still blowing snow, area volunteers, property, community workers have picked up shovels, brooms and other labor tools, came to the residential area to clear the snow.We are not afraid of the cold, have been thrown into the snow clearing activities, many people’s hands and face were red with cold, however, all this did not affect the enthusiasm of labor, their solidarity, orderly, sweep sweep, shovel shovel, dry in full swing.Each building, the main road of the community, there are people waving shovels, brooms, become a beautiful landscape of the community.Everyone in order to ensure the safety of the community residents travel, actively, efforts to clean the snow.When removing snow, the community secretary asked everyone: “The more special circumstances, the more calmly carry out prevention and control work, not a bit careless.”Snow in the ground, beating on their body, face, some eyelashes knot crystal ice flower, although it is cold, but they all face with a smile.”In order to serve the residents, it is worth it!”Community volunteers said.Source: Jinbin.com

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