Focus on technological Innovation Enterprises On February 21, Bank of Zhengzhou will open a special bank-enterprise docking

For a long time, it is difficult for science and technology innovative enterprises to get credit support from banks due to unstable cash flow, light asset and no mortgage.With the continuous support of national policies, commercial banks continue to innovate the way of financial services, and science and technology enterprises also have new channels to inject fresh financial water.In order to promote the development of science and technology innovation enterprises in Henan and cultivate “specialized and special new” enterprises, the investment banking Department of the head office of Zhengzhou Bank will open a special bank-enterprise docking session of “‘ Investment and Loan Linkage ‘to form joint force and help the development of small and medium-sized enterprises” at 9:00 a.m. on February 21st.At that time, Zhengzhou Bank will bring two financial products, stock option loan and fund business financial service plan, to the provincial science and technology innovation enterprises.It is understood that the main characteristics of stock option loan is to pay attention to the industry growth of financing enterprises, with flexible guarantee way, while providing loans to enterprises, the enterprise grants the bank a certain amount of stock option, through the contingent income generated by the stock option to make up for the possible risks in the future.Zhengzhou Bank investment banking department said that this product is the first stock option loan product in Henan Province, has the advantages of distinguishing from traditional loans, optimizing the governance structure of financing enterprises, innovating ecological cooperation, broadening financing channels and so on, so far the business has been implemented.What kind of enterprise can apply?Business operation period of the above, according to people to set up more than six months time, the enterprise must have the core technology and strong ability of innovation, business sales revenue income for one year is 5 million or higher, the industrial fund and other investment institutions has been cast, such as the specific circumstances please owners focus on February 21, the studio and at that time, you can ask the host if you have any questions.In addition to the above products, the Investment Banking Department of Zhengzhou Bank will also bring the fund business financial service plan to the live broadcast audience, mainly for the large financing platforms, industrial investment funds and other institutions in the province, to provide a package of financing and intelligence services.According to the introduction, the service plan mainly includes the mode of issuing bond financing instruments, liquidity support and other modes. At present, the above modes have been implemented service cases, and the operation is mature.Henan province online normalized argues docking by local financial supervision and administration of henan province, henan large data administration, jointly organized by henan silver protects inspect bureau, the river goods cubic, mainly through the form of the provincial, city and county levels linkage, weekly online fact docking activities regularly, form a normalized working mechanism, strive to the end of 2022,The financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the province have been effectively alleviated, the ratio of first loans and credit loans has increased significantly, and the growth rate of loans to small and medium-sized enterprises has been higher than that of all loans.

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