Qilihe District of Lanzhou city was selected as the national advanced unit of TCM work at the grass-roots level

On February 14, reporters learned from gansu province WeiJianWei, recently published by the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine for the 2021 national grass-roots work advanced unit review of traditional Chinese medicine as a result, our province lanzhou city qilihe district, shandan, gaotai county, longxi county, tianzhu county, gv 10 county and min county seven counties through the review, was named the national grass-roots work advanced unit of traditional Chinese medicine.Up to now, Gansu province has successfully established 32 county-level and 2 city-level advanced TCM units.Create national grass-roots work advanced unit of traditional Chinese medicine is to carry out national and province development policy, the important measure to promote the development of traditional Chinese medicine of traditional Chinese medicine, is to accelerate the practical action, to promote the development of inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine innovation is to satisfy the masses of traditional Chinese medicine health service demand and objective demand to promote the development of medicine industry with high quality.By conducting create work, can cause country attaches great importance to the development of the cause of Chinese medicine industry, strengthening infrastructure construction, improve the traditional Chinese medicine service network, improve the service quality of traditional Chinese medicine, the construction of high quality talent team of Chinese medicine, vigorously carry forward the culture of traditional Chinese medicine, develop healthy endowment enterprise, promote foreign exchanges and cooperation in Chinese.It will enhance the influence of TCM and the overall level of TCM work, give full play to the role of TCM in disease prevention, treatment, health care, rehabilitation and public health services, raise the public’s awareness of TCM, and increase the contribution of the TCM industry to increasing farmers’ incomes and revitalizing rural areas.Next, gansu province will continue to consolidate create achievements, constantly sum up experience, play a good demonstration leading role of advanced units, and called on every region based on the actual, prominent characteristics, to have obtained the national primary job title of “advanced unit” of traditional Chinese medicine county for example, learn from good experiences, in the creation of a new, continue to promote good experience and practices,We will push the cause of traditional Chinese medicine at the grassroots level to a new level.By Liu Xiaofang, lanzhou Daily, editor by Wang Xuan

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