Publicity of new drug hazard escort to facilitate the resumption of work

In order to further enhance the migrant workers’ understanding of drug knowledge before returning to work, especially the knowledge of new synthetic drugs.On February 10, two policemen of longli station of provincial Drug Rehabilitation Bureau went to Zhongba Village, Longshan Town, Longli County to organize and carry out publicity activities on prevention of new drugs.The publicity activities focus on the knowledge and prevention education of new synthetic drugs, and the anti-drug publicity is carried out by hanging propaganda banners, placing display boards, displaying models, distributing publicity materials, holding seminars and training, and providing consultation.The name “new drugs” highlights the word “new drugs”. In mind, it is easy to give people the impression of “difference”, which is very different from traditional drugs.These new drugs are full of tricks and disguises, and many are lurking among us.We should be vigilant, recognize drugs and stay away from traps.”In plain language, anti-drug propagandists teach people about the hidden and dangerous nature of new drugs.At the end of the activity, everyone solemnly signed their names on the anti-drug signature board, showing their firm determination to resist drugs.The concentrated publicity activities, issued all kinds of anti-drug publicity materials more than 100 copies, received to consult the masses more than 20 times.The anti-drug campaign to mobilize the masses to perform legal obligations, voluntary, fully, anti-drug work, actively participate in the anti-drug people’s war, effectively enhance the self-protection consciousness of the masses and drug awareness, effectively renewed anti-drug publicity, promote everyone to participate in the anti-drug, all in accordance with the drug, to create a good social atmosphere for drug control work.In the next step, the two extended Longli workstations of the provincial Drug Rehabilitation Administration will actively cooperate with the Political and Legal Committee of Longli County and the County Drug Control Office through a series of activities to further strengthen the propaganda of drug control, so that the young people who are about to return to work will realize the harm of new synthetic drugs, and improve the ability of drug identification, prevention and drug resistance.Source: longli Workstation of “Two Expansion” of Provincial Drug Rehabilitation Bureau Author/Photo: Yinlin, no. 206, 2022 (Total No. 6016)

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