Why does the platoon leader keep drinking water?I finally get it

Zhang Fei and Song Jianshe, Lu Pingan, Qin Hanyong is a car skin pulled over the soldiers, Song Jianshe is four pocket cadres, the family has “shrewdly” also calculate success.Lu ordinary talent is outstanding, let him go when the pacesetter company commander he also do not work, make temper to professional.Qin Hanyong was demoted two levels or an acting company commander to protect his son, but zhang Fei?It’s not even four pockets.But he was not bad in leading the troops. In the words of Song Jianshe, he stayed in the army for so many years because he was good in leading the troops.The reason why Zhang Fei and these people open so big distance is not outstanding in personal aspects, and not tactful in life, that is, only know to work hard, too honest.He may have tried hard, but he knew he couldn’t be a very good soldier, not even in his whole life.Since he met Gu Yye at the station, he has a new goal in life.He put all his hopes on Gu Yye, he will bring out the best soldiers.The best soldier is Gu Yye.He was holding a thermos bottle to the song Construction there, talk submissive ground.He said he wanted to take gu Yanye and sorghum, Song Construction also love him, said not to be involved by the two boys, if really so, at the end of the pack.No matter how song Construction said, Zhang Fei iron heart will take gu Yanye and sorghum.No matter what happened, he had no regrets.On the training ground, Zhang Fei worked harder as a monitor.Which soldier appeared unwell, he immediately arrived at the front, the arm of the arm, send the infirmary send the infirmary.Gu yanye to their own small kitchen training is too hard, so that fainted in the training, he rushed in the past, called a soldier to put him back to the dormitory, and ran out to give him medicine.Gu a wild injured in the hospital, he took care of day and night in the hospital.On the road to the battlefield, Zhang Fei and Gu Yino said my heart, he said he would put all the bullets for gu Yino block down, but he wanted to gu Yino promised him one thing.Hearing such words, don’t say gu Yanye will be shocked, I also feel shocked.Heard him to gu a wild promised him more shocked.He asked gu a wild promise he must not die in front of him.He said to gu A wild tell sorghum they, in the most dangerous time, the heart to have a string.The most dangerous time is when they go back to look for a company of lost brothers, there are two have not found, they are trying to find when the enemy ambushed.There were too many enemies. There were only 20 or 30 of them.The war was very tragic, Zhang Fei was seriously injured, gu Yanye do temporary platoon commander, commanding the retreat.Gu One by one to check the wounded soldiers, watching them one by one to be carried away on a stretcher.He went to see Jiang Weixing and Lin Beihai.Lin Beihai’s leg injury is very heavy, he asked gu Yino, he can shout two, gu Yino said there is unknown, such as the river is our boundary, want to shout.Lin Beihai thought of his legs may not save, a low cry.Gu Yanye turned to see Zhang Fei sat up, and hurried to his place.Next to a soldier is feeding Zhang Fei water, drink gudong gudong, look at such a situation, must drink a lot of water.Gu Yye blamed the soldier why let him sit up, and told him to drink less water.That soldier a face helpless, can’t stop!If Zhang Fei and Jiang Weixing, Lin Beihai, is the leg injury or other parts, it does not matter sitting naturally.But his condition is different. He has to lie down.Zhang Fei was injured, and now the acting platoon leader is Gu Yanye, and Gu Yanye did very well.He’s got everyone out, and once he’s across the river he’ll be safe.Why should he worry? Besides, he was still there after the other wounded were carried away.Gu a wild ask just know there is no stretcher, he would like to give him a stretcher.Unfortunately, this happened, Zhang Fei gu Yye blocked the shrapnel.Although gu a wild also injured, but not killed.Zhang Fei was wounded on the wounded were sent to the field hospital, has been sacrificed.Rebrush “Ace of Trumps” finally understand why Zhang Fei must sit up, why a strong drink of water.He said to gu a wild to block all the bullets, not just talk about it.He really had to do it.Experienced netizens said zhang’s injuries were so severe that he could not have been saved even if he had been sent to the hospital.The only reason he’s in that state of mind is because he’s drinking water.In that case, he insisted on doing it, with constant drinking water to support the body, is to guard gu Yanye not to call him dead in front of him.This is zhang Fei in the most dangerous time his heart that string.He can’t be a very good soldier all his life, but he must be the best soldier.Zhang Fei did it.Some people say that Gu Yino later married a show, it is better to let him die on the battlefield.But then, there would not have been Gu Yye, who later went to the military academy, became a company commander, a regiment commander, a military commander, and even later joined the Military Commission.What do you think?

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