Are you clear about the process from the original jade stone to the finished product?

Today I share a piece of jade raw stone collected in 18 years with my friends.Otherwise today xiaobian updated content and to brainstorm, nonsense is not much to say, let’s enter the theme!When xiaobian and master saw the original stone, we were deeply attracted. Such an old exposure, such a thin shell, very large material, and such a high integrity, it is really rare.The whole large surface is very perfect, can not see the cotton and crack, it is no exaggeration to say that the bracelet can be arbitrarily painted on this.The original stone pressure lamp jade meat performance at first glance its color dark, and feel very stuffy, looking at the kind of water can not come out, but the light after the aperture diffusion is very good, looking at the head is also good, and the color is fruit green.The original stone pressure lamp jade meat performance of the master took this stone, to the studio to study, is also more and more beautiful, after cutting, every knife material changes.The original stone pressure lamp jade meat performance, of course, in the case of no crack, must first choose to cut the bracelet.Little jade meat performance of original rock of the original stone little jade cut meat performance after the surprise, the original purity Shi Yu meat and all kinds of water into the order two levels, more beautiful than on the original stone, especially the color of it, at first in the original stone it is darker, just color uniformity is high, but the cut out section are lit, and with the end of the green.The rare performance of the raw stone jade meat is that it has some color flowers, you can plan the bracelet according to these color flowers, which is also a very good point.Raw stone to take pieces of material to play bracelets, jade meat color has changed, become more green, the head is also better, similar to the original stone said after jiang open.Raw stone take raw stone design take raw stone sheet material lamp under the performance of raw stone take bracelet effect bracelet processing, complete polishing.Raw stone bracelet effect raw stone finished product effect is a new metamorphosis, color and kind of water on a layer, glue generally, people can not put it down, really verify that the word, the better the mine, it is more and more beautiful.The finished products of the original stone xiaobian do not remember too clearly, the bracelet estimated that there should be more than 130, there are still some bracelet cores, brands, beads, safety buckle.Raw stone raw stone beads finished products, finished products, safe buckle finished products, safe buckle finished products, finished products about the rest of the original stone creation, the next period to share with you, then the value of the original stone, how much we think, you are welcome to comment on your own views!More # jadeite # surrounding, continue to pay attention to, I hope you have a harvest after watching!For more exciting content, come to the treasure search

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