Chen Yao finally tried qing Palace modeling!Face small delicate features, hand holding paper umbrella swaying posture

Beauty is really hard to refuse, and the biggest beauty circle should be the entertainment industry, there is always a variety of types of beauty in the entertainment industry.The exquisite beauty with good manners and temperament is more dazzling. This is not, Chen Yao’s photos of the qing Dynasty let the orange shine at the moment, and the female stars who are seriously engaged in business are the most attractive.The ancient costume has high requirements for image, and Chen Yao’s ancient costume is really colorful, holding the style of the ancient woman!Qing Palace modeling is more complex, especially with a lot of gorgeous accessories, and Chen Yao’s facial features are small and delicate, thick and light makeup can be, especially can handle the Chinese red lip makeup, better show the gorgeous Qing Palace clothing.Winter clothes are more plush long cape, such a qing dynasty outfit looks more thick and version of the big, but Chen Yao skeleton is small, it is able to make the whole winter clothes look more light.This set of photos reminds people of the story of Yanxi Palace, the beautiful scenery and beauty in the snow, it is so fascinating!The qing Dynasty costume is not strong in shaping body, but it also tests the figure of the wearer. Although Chen Yao is wearing a looser flag dress, we can vaguely see the outline of the figure curve under her slender figure.Wearing a clear palace outfit she, much a few minutes classical elegant charm beauty, is front seat also is little a few minutes nifty feeling, more a few women taste.It has to be said that even in the face of the heavy and gorgeous Qing palace dress, Chen Yao’s baby face does not make her look so serious and mature, and do not have her own style.Although be installed by clear palace to suppress nifty feeling, but also be wearing flag to install her more appear halcyon have temperament.In fact, to tell the truth, most of the actresses have their own characteristics, and Chen Yao’s flag and her other ancient costumes are also each have a point of view.But it can be said that Chen Yao’s ability to control ancient clothing in the eyes of the small editor is top.Chen Yao has actually given us the answer to what kind of characteristics can be used to manage ancient clothes.1, small head, small face, tall this first point to see is the surface of the image, small head and small face is the secret of the camera, many stars have this physical characteristics.Chen Yao’s face is small, facial features are also small, in the face of the sense of strength just right.Her delicate features and smooth lines make her look like a delicate doll.Although she has a baby face, she is not limited to the image of a girl, but the image of a girl is more popular.The cuteness of her face makes her look innocuous, suggesting that it should be matched by a small, lithe figure.In fact, Chen Yao is 168 goddess height, if you look at the figure, you can elongate the body line, head body ratio is really wonderful.Cute sister face and royal elder sister figure, let Chen Yao’s plasticity is stronger, salt can be sweet all kinds of switching style just handy.2, the face of the juvenile sense and cute sister face match the same girl sense, this need not say much, Chen Yao’s facial conditions to shape a sweet and lovely feeling is really easy.But the main thing is to be able to have a boyish feel at the same time, which is very hard to come by. Boyish refers to a man’s clothing that does not conform to the rules and looks white and youthful.It is not easy for girls to have a sense of youth, mainly in the facial features, why Chen Yao can be male or female and have a sense of youth?The answer lies in her small facial features. Chen Yao’s facial features are small and she looks more delicate. Although her facial features are delicate, she is neither skinny nor fleshy, and her nose is dull and approachable.So even if it is men’s wear, even if is elegant childe dress up Chen Yao also can control very well.3, dance, good posture Chen Yao herself has a certain dance foundation, and the film school also pays attention to posture and posture teaching, so she does not hunchback, and the skeleton is small and very light, wearing ancient clothes is very elegant.In “Girl Adult” in a western red dress is surprisingly beautiful, a western dance is floating fairy.So Chen Yao can hold different shapes, if the ancient dress of her light and elegant, then the modern dress of Chen Yao is full of girl feeling.Although having royal elder sister figure, it is the clothing frame that walks, but bud younger sister face this advantage also plays very well, weak makeup pure but person, red lip can restore ancient ways harbor wind again, no matter how modelling, the temperament of oxygen beauty lets a person ignore hard.The above analysis of Chen Yao’s appearance is probably the three points, can under the camera are shining, in reality is also difficult to ignore the existence of Chen Yao is really looking forward to the next play, if it is qing Dynasty drama, but also let a person very looking forward to!

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