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Article | mengshan woodcutter nonyl tiger year on the first day, the first morning light sprinkling down from the Windows of the New Year, at ordinary times busy roads, streets empty, rare open, two dressed in orange, sanitation elder sister is cleaning the road.It was the most beautiful color, the most beautiful scenery on the empty road.On the road, occasionally there is a speeding car, railway bridge coach roaring past, the plane is still flying in the air, the sea ship also sailing?Are running towards the New Year, are running towards home direction.So many people are working hard to make this holiday so warm. I salute you and am filled with gratitude.Every day I pass by the river bank, a row of willow branches dyed with green rhyme.Think that a winter in the snow tenacious swing dance yingzi, which makes people touched green rhyme, the New Year this ray of sunshine, is really reporting the message of spring.Hometown of the streets, groups of New Year’s greetings team.I wish you a happy New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger.The streets in the village are getting wider and wider. There are many cars on both sides of the streets. “The sound of firecrackers in New Year’s Eve” used to be the custom of the festival.This year, the village speakers particularly busy, again and again to take the trouble to broadcast the blessing of the Spring Festival and warm tips, fireworks, but also the festival to clean and quiet.The streets were clean, free of the debris of past fireworks.It seems that some customs have to be adapted to the circumstances.Traditional customs also have to respond to the call of The Times, requiring “creative transformation and innovative development”.The tradition of respecting the old and paying respects to the old has been continued in the hometown.On the first New Year’s visit, the family is the unit.Before breakfast the men kowtow to the elders of their families.Enter the door to shout a warm address, kneel down together kowtow, often someone shouted: I wish aunt aunt uncle uncle fu as the East China Sea longevity than nanshan.Everyone kneels down and kowtows together.Even those of us in our fifties and sixties still feel like children when we pay New Year’s greetings to the elderly on the first day of the New Year.The old man every day is looking forward to us to kowtow New Year, although it is modest, in the heart is still looking forward to the children to kowtow.In this way, we worship year after year, from a few years old children, worship the old people of 50 or 60 years old.Those who are worshiped old people, also gradually by my bow away, a generation out of the stage of life, their image hanging on the wall, and a new generation grow up.Even those who are still alive are mostly exposed to the ravages of time.The hair turned white, the teeth fell out, the feet wobbled.When we came back, our children and grandchildren also came to pay us New Year’s greetings.This New Year greeting is really urging people old ah!After breakfast, the women, too, trooped out to pay New Year’s greetings.The morning sun filled the clean farmyard and it was time for breakfast, the first meal of the New Year.Mother let the whole family stand still, she said something, said some words of gratitude heaven and earth mercy blessing children and grandchildren, we all follow, eldest brother and sister-in-law with the mother also said something.Looking at the house full of children and grandchildren, mother’s face was full of smiles and looks good.Usually my mother is very steady, this meal, my mother passed 87 years old, she is never lazy, some light work never bother others, are hands-on.This New Year’s day dumplings, she is still to stick to the big stove, this is she stuck to a lifetime of posts, I still like to help my mother fire, the stove branches lit “beep beep bobo” sound, the smoke taste, decades, also like the New Year’s dumplings as sweet.The family begins the New Year’s first meal with a mutual blessing.During the meal, from time to time there are guests to pay New Year’s greetings to my mother, our brothers put down bowls and chopsticks to accompany my mother kowtow.We talked and laughed, let tea let smoke, a wave of usher and send.It is also rare to hang out in my hometown at such a time as Chinese New Year.I like to use this time to take a walk in my hometown, looking for traces of time, looking for the alley where I played as a child, looking for the story of my childhood.To the childhood life of the old house, the old house has been sold by his father and others.Look at the familiar hutongs are still there. The old houses have been torn down and another house built.This is the place where I was born and raised. How many memories I have of my youth!As I gazed long, I seemed to hear the joyful laughter of my younger brother and sister.Where have my sweet teenage days gone?The village has been built and the new houses are very spacious.These old houses are idle because of old people’s death, only those old trees still have the original shadow.As I walked, I took pictures with my mobile phone. The old houses, old streets and humble alleys were greeting me in the camera, still so kind.Here LET me infatuated with the memory of the past decades.On the first day of the New Year, people’s clothes are neat and clean, and all the people on the road are saying warm wishes.Making New Year’s resolutions for each other.Seeds, pesticides, fertilizers are ready, after the spring ploughing, will be ready to go out to work.It’s a rare opportunity for families to get together and make plans for the New Year.The New Year sunshine outside the window is getting warmer and warmer, and the New Year brings us new hope.After the first day of the first lunar month, everyone quickly prepares for the New Year’s work.Happy and happy New Year, is about to pass.We can’t be immersed in the New Year’s play and happiness, to prepare for the New Year’s work, because we have to rely on work to welcome the next New Year.The prosperous Year of tiger, the first day of the sun is bright.In the discourse system of home New Year’s greetings, there is a tradition of eating and drinking.Every New Year, ask the elderly, the New Year is good?Did you enjoy yourself?Then there are the words of blessing.In the old people’s eyes: can eat can drink can move, is good health good life.My old mother was in good health and spirits, and ate very little, unlike our brothers, who drank less and ate less.We’re worse off than I am.Seeing the old woman looks good, our hearts are particularly warm, mother’s longevity is our spiritual sustenance.At such a time as the Spring Festival, I thought that I would like to record rural life with words. I think I would like to be a scribe of rural life, leaving the memory of the life in my hometown with words.Also use words to bless mother, wish longevity and health!I pray for the peace and good fortune of all my old family members and for the prosperity and prosperity of our great motherland.Chen Kai, pen name Mengshan Qiaofu, member of CPC, member of Chinese Prose Society, member of Shandong Writers Association, member of Shandong Prose Society, member of Linyi Writers Association, vice chairman of Pingyi Writers Association.Chinese rural talent bank certification of “Chinese rural writer”, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yidianqing weiwei supplement signed writer.After 30 years of Chinese teaching and research in senior high school, I began to write again to continue the literary dream of my youth.Speak for hometown, write biography for relatives.Build a text garden by yourself, enjoy the music of planting words to yun wen, and retain the nostalgia of the hometown and the style of rural times.One point Mengshan Woodcutter

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