KD15 is officially exposed!Middle bottom technology pull full, low help modelling is too casual, beyond LBJ series?

Frequently recently, durant training a new pair of shoes on foot, it is KD15, dog elder brother also to introduce before this pair of shoes, but not so clear photos, it will only now, Nike released KD15 high-definition pictures, configuration is released, it should be a good practical shoes, may be able to transcend LBJ series,Become the “face” of Nike basketball shoes.Let’s take a look at the picture of KD15 directly, with low upper shape and TPU support structure added to the side of the vamp. The midsole looks thin, and there is KD logo on the tongue. The vamp seems to be the design of the 14th generation, which feels a bit bloated, but the height of the low upper seems to make it look ok.Compared to the 14th generation, Doggie thinks the appearance of the 15th generation is really nice, especially the design of the middle and back part of the shoe, which is a little casual style, but he does have a professional basketball shoe, which is quite pleasing.In midsole, the combination of Zoom Strobel and Full palm React is adopted this time. There is no doubt about the feeling of feet, which must be super comfortable.Let’s take a closer look at KD15, the vamp material is similar to that of the 14th generation, with furry details added. It looks a little uncomfortable, at least Dog doesn’t like it, but this color scheme seems to soften this point, it is estimated that the subsequent color scheme can also be adjusted.The shoelace design is more ordinary, directly hit the upper of the shoe.A TPU support structure is added on both sides of the vamp. The area of this TPU is very large, extending from the heel to the second shoelace hole, like a wave, and the shape is also very handsome. In order to reduce the weight of the shoes, the middle part of the TPU is hollow out, and a forward swoosh is placed on the outside.On the inside is an inverted hook design.This is also the signature design of KD series in recent years, with a lot of wrinkles on the heel position. The concept is the same as that of the 14th generation, but the design of the 15th generation is more beautiful to Dog brother, and the 14th generation is really too difficult to accept.Heel still has the design that a shoe carries here, the radian of whole heel is good-looking also.The bottom part, base material should be the react, the technology itself is soft, don’t know how on KD15 setups, the location of the palm bending strength, has a concave design, side there are prominent structure, the ball is thin, the palm is relatively thick, foot here, in the yellow area is a exposed tpu, it written on the shoes of science and technology.This exposed TPU design also inherited the characteristics of the 14th generation, and Dog thinks the performance of the 15th generation is much better than that of the 14th generation.The last one is the outsole of this pair of shoes. The color matching is made of crystal bottom material. The texture is a little strong, like contour line distribution map, with many hollow areas, which greatly reduces the weight.In the foot here can see a pink exposed TPU, also hollow.This outsole seems to be directly glued to the midsole after a layer of material has dug a lot of holes, and the base material of the midsole is React. Its grain is also suitable for this design. On the one hand, it can maximize the shock absorption capacity of React and reduce some weight, which is quite good.The first color is very powerful, may be a joint style, the shoe box is all kinds of dark lines, open the shoe box, there is also a variety of patterns, but also write the word “EASY”, it looks very tall.KD15 generation of appearance level must be higher than 14 generation, configuration also do not worry, according to the market heat of KD signature shoes in previous generations, almost can not stir up, will be a regular customer of discount stores, cost-effective is quite high.How do you evaluate the appearance of the KD15?Doggie thinks he made some adjustments to KD14, but the whole idea is the same as KD14. Why?The KD14’s impressive design is probably the TPU structure on the upper, as well as the strap design, which was inspired by the Air Presto sneakers, which KD is said to love but hasn’t seen him wear.Nike may have been trying to casualize a pair of basketball shoes to reach a wider audience, but instead the design became the slot for the KD14.The KD15 is also very casual and looks a lot like react Presto shoes, especially the upper structure.In fact, the upper of KD15 is no different from that of 14, and the design idea of the heel is the same. When you say that the 15th generation is a low-top version of the 14th generation, Dog thinks it is totally ok, but the 15th generation is still more beautiful than the 14th generation, which also shows Nike’s success to a certain extent.In terms of cushioning scheme, it does not deviate from the combination of KD’s recent generations. The advantage is that it is trustworthy and the disadvantage is that it has no new ideas.Durant is currently in the nets, the absolute core players, even though the nets have a lot of problems, but now, still have the strength of the title, Owen was released, simmons is a pit, durant has always been the existence of the thigh, a game recently scored 55 points and 7 rebounds, three assists in the data, the name of “death” is not wave get empty.But very fans in the NBA this season, not a “team”, each record is not very ideal, but each player configuration, is really not bad, such as the lakers, less old and heavy eyebrows and zhan wei, carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, leng even almost no play-off quota, so also the nets, the uncertainty of the league is too strong.The nets have a chance, so, the elder brother of the dog feel when freddy adu, or the state of the peak, KD15 Gao Qingtu released, he also wear 14 generations, not surprisingly, the playoffs, he may KD15 at foot, but should not be wearing this pair of shoes, after all 14 generation wore a season, the foot feels he is more familiar with, in the battlefield,You need a pair of shoes that you can trust.Besides the current positioning Nike basketball shoes, the elder brother of the dog always think Nike’s two flagship, is a LBJ series, is a series of KD, see configuration, they are all top, and adaptation degree, KD series is better, LBJ series of center of gravity is too high, the old zhan wear this season 19 generations, more not to wear ordinary people.Before the LBJ series and low help version, as well as “soldiers” and “ambassadors” series, are very able to fight the actual combat shoes, but the recent 19 generation of low help performance is more general, “soldiers” and “ambassadors” has long been cut, Nike still to LBJ series with the treatment, but the performance, can only be.KD series is a lot of reliable, very good configuration, high performance, cost-effective than LBJ series, but if the sense of science and technology, he seems to be worse, more like a pair of civilian actual combat basketball shoes.This feeling has been growing over the years, and Nike has been exploring it themselves with a couple of top team styles, the GT collection.This series may be for the future of Nike basketball shoes to provide some helpful Suggestions, top team covers five position on the pitch, consumer recognition of this series is very high, actually look homebred brand, also is such, li yu handsome 䨻 series, peak’s surging triangle, 361 degree BIG3 Pro,Anta’s frivolous Pro, Frenzy Pro.Everyone has always believed that signature shoes are the strongest existence, but these team style, is not better than signature shoes?The future signature shoes, may be the star’s exclusive money, configuration is not too high, performance is not too strong, but will be more professional, such as Owen’s signature shoes, is ready for the floor flow, KD’s signature shoes is ready for the flexible front line.And team style, more widely applicable, will be more powerful.Well, that’s all for this article. What do you think of KD15?Do you think he’s better than the LBJ series?How do you see the division of basketball shoe grade in the whole industry?Welcome to comment backstage and discuss with dog brother.

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