A total of 37 new confirmed cases have been reported in Baise. The woman and the confirmed patient have been quarantined and tested negative for nucleic acid

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On February 6, baise, Guangxi province, reported 37 new locally confirmed cases.Xu, who has been to a location near the confirmed case’s trail, told The Newspaper that she was temporarily unable to go to work as planned and was being quarantined at the hotel.On February 6, 37 new cases were confirmed in Guangxi, all in Baise city, according to CCTV news. Five asymptomatic cases were reported in Guangxi, including four in Baise city and one in Nanning.Baise has taken a number of prevention and control measures since the epidemic situation changed.From midnight on February 7, the whole baise city took home quarantine control measures.Baise implemented the “no entry, no exit” measure, and the “no entry, no exit” measure among counties and towns under baise’s jurisdiction.According to the official wechat account of “Voice of Debao”, the publicity department of Debao County Party Committee, the confirmed case xu is a returnee from Shenzhen.According to the track of Xu’s activities released by the Debao County epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters, xu drove to Debao county at 15:00 on January 31 and had dinner at a relative’s home in West Second Street, Nanlong Community, Debao County, at 16:00 on the same day.On February 7, Xu, a resident of Baise, told jimu news that she visited her sister’s house on West Second Street in Nanlong Community, Debao County, on February 4, near the spot where Xu, the confirmed case, had been.Xu introduced that the relatives of the confirmed case Xu lived opposite her sister’s house.Miss Xu originally planned to go to work on February 5, but when she learned of the outbreak, she went to report it. She is now quarantined in the hotel, and it is not clear how long she will be quarantined.Nucleic acid tests for Xu and her sister are negative.Xu did not know xu, who was diagnosed, and did not live in the same village.More exciting information please download “extreme news” client in the application market, do not reprint without authorization, welcome to provide news clues, once adopted will pay.

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