People live, complain a day, as hard day

The big world, the vast sea of people, can meet too many people, get to know each other easy, not easy to get along, leave are don’t value their own people, leaving are the people who value you.As the ancients said, “A close mouth catches no flies.””Do not act by heart, say not by mouth.”Speak as much as is valuable and not as much as is not necessary.Be truthful.But don’t be reckless.People are good face, a lot of things, can not directly say in the face of others.You have lost face, and the next time you will lose face.Straight talk, to turn a corner to say, cold words, to heat up to say, take into account other people’s self-esteem, put other people’s self-esteem first.In this world, the more we talk, the more we will suffer, the less we can say.Even old friends who have known each other for years are sometimes mistaken.”Advise people not to point out their faults, must first be good.Joy is easy to enter, anger is hard to enter.”You can’t point out someone’s fault directly. You should first acknowledge him. If he is happy, the following advice will be more likely to be adopted.Speaking is an art, pay attention to the method.No matter how valuable it is, it must be listened to.Respect each other, take care of other people’s emotions, understand some euphemism, is the right way to talk.You don’t know people in quantity, but in quality.As long as you are in trouble, can come, as long as you are in trouble, as long as you need help, someone willing to share, then this person must be a true friend.”Vegetable Root Tan” said: “those who say wrong, must be wrong people.Those who have nothing to do, anxious people, like to gossip.The mouth says too much right and wrong, the heart will become cloudy.If someone speaks ill of someone in private, he is likely to speak ill of you in front of others.With this kind of person, all day long is troubled by right and wrong, not peace.Lu You said in “Self-Narration of Idleness” : “Flowers like laughter are also troublesome, stone can not say the most pleasant.”Flowers can speak, will be as gossipy as people, provoke trouble.Stone, though speechless, is honest and tough, which makes people happy.3. Without complaining, life is not easy. Everyone carries something with them.Complaining doesn’t solve anything. It just spreads negativity.It’s never too late to mend.Many complaints, but few friends.Don’t be a spreader of negativity. No one likes to face a resentful woman all day.When you encounter a problem, you should first look for the cause from yourself.People live, complain a day, as hard day.Instead of complaining about the strength, it is better to move, sweat.

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