Summer season three top flow big play contact, Yang Zi, Dili reba Liu Yifei challenge you who?

Recently double top flow show Andy and the rest of my life, shaw and double top flow Dillon hot, Ren Jialun of the shark, the land can be said to be the competition is intense, two fans rush, doing all they can for their own love bean blow acting skills and ability to resist drama, but now two episodes of “challenge” has just ended, has ushered in the summer show most likely collision message again,And this time is no longer Yang Zi and Dili Reba drama arena, but also joined the hot drama starring Liu Yifei.According to reports that XianXia drama starring chengyi led by Andy, aloes, such as dust, and her hot, hand in hand Gong Jun starred in “happiness”, l, Chen xiao, starring the “record” wei menghua are approached for a slot in the summer, if really approach is successful, is going to be a top and top flows between episodes, who can win, can only wait and see,Wait for results after broadcast!The aloes chip such as tying Andy is notoriously prop “drama queen” with superb acting, especially with the foolish girl wonderful present, progressive transformation of emotional drama, not only won numerous audience recognition, also won the affirmation of the industry, but also accumulated a considerable popularity and reputation, became a series of viewing.And in this “aloes such as crumbs” of the male hero Cheng Yi, also by virtue of the “glaze” in the wonderful performance, become one of the current top flow male star heat is extraordinary.Coupled with the ultra-high heat of the original “Aloes such as Filings”, as well as the ultra-high topic degree in the early filming, destined to this “aloes such as filings” after the broadcast of extraordinary heat!Dilieba, the heroine of “The Story of Happiness”, has outstanding acting skills. She was charming and overwhelmed the heroine at the beginning of her career, and has shaped many popular films and television works, from “Three Lives three Times Pillow Book” to “You are My Glory”, which has established her strong ability to carry dramas.Now plus because of the “Mountain and River Order” in the role of Wen Kexing “popular” straight hit the top of the popular column gong Jun, although Gong Jun’s acting has a lot of room for progress, but with his popularity and heat is doomed to this “Happiness” after the broadcast of good volume!In addition, star zero’s original work “The Book of the Emperor” high heat and public praise, but also has a great possibility of the circle.”Dream Hualu” female main Liu Yifei although in recent years not as good as Yang Zi and Di Li reba on the screen active degree is high, but her own heat is not low, not only acting is recognized, casual trivia has ultra high topic degree, no problem “flow queen” undoubtedly!Male master Chen while taking power actor line, but his outstanding appearance and interesting inside, plus outstanding acting skill, also attracted a all the fans, become a low-key “top stream” star, so have acting skills and have a hot men blessing, plus works, yuanqu dialect works of zhao PanEr romantic save over the original ones with rate is very high.So the aloes, such as chip “, “happiness”, “record” wei menghua is equal top heat flow, if at the same time slot in the summer vacation, not only will be a close fight “the fairy”, we also have more pleasure of opera, watch three high heat series at the same time, the thought of this old man is looking forward to my!So which of the top three shows do you like best?Do you think all three shows can be aired at the same time over the summer?

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