The New Year’s Eve dinner originally wanted to show his hand, but did not expect to make a mistake, my mother-in-law said a word, I cried

New Year’s Eve dinner originally wanted to show his hand, but did not think of the ugly, mother-in-law a word, I said cry!This year, my parents-in-law came to visit us for the Chinese New Year. I don’t cook much at ordinary times, so I specially learned a few simple and easy to operate dishes online and prepared to show my skills tonight.For the first dish, I made “Longevity And Longevity”, which is to make several blessing bags with noodles.I first bought the red dragon fruit pressed into juice, and then live into bright red dough, and then rolled into dumpling skin, wrapped with stuffing, made into the shape of a blessing bag.Before it’s steamed, it’s a beautiful purple color.But after steaming, the color turned dark red, which was completely different.The second course is round and round.Is to use sweet potato face pumpkin bread on bean paste, make a few taro balls, put in the oil pot, fried into golden brown.In order to save time, I cut the scallions while frying the balls, but the fire was so hot that the balls burned.The third course is flowers and riches.It’s a simple dish. You blanch broccoli and stir-fry it, then use a few cherry tomatoes to cut it into flowers and serve it.The finished dish was a relative success, except that the salt was forgotten.Busy for a long time, put the dish on the table, my husband heard me say the name of the dish, could not help but laugh, he said, your dish and dish name obviously do not match.The mother-in-law said, the first time can make it so is very good, the next time will be better!My mother used to say the same thing to me when I was cooking rice for the first time and it burned.Mother is very happy, she put the burnt rice away, the rest of the part of the egg fried rice, our family eat clean.Think of this, MY nose an acid, tears almost stay, thank you mother, thank you mother-in-law, I wish mothers: Healthy and safe New Year, the year of the tiger!

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