Xianning webcast with post recruitment!It’s the first time this afternoon. I’m expecting you

Xiangcheng Metropolis Daily News (Reporter Chen Zhiru correspondent Zhou Ji) On January 24, the reporter learned from the municipal department of human resources and Social Security that the 2022 Xianning city “Spring Breeze Action” network broadcast job fair was held recently, will be held three.The three webcasts will be held at 2:30 PM on January 25 (23rd day of the twelfth lunar month), 2:30 PM on February 5 (5th day of the first lunar month) and 2:30 PM on February 8 (8th day of the first lunar month).It is understood that the live webcast with post recruitment activities, is the city people club department implement the provincial party committee, the provincial and municipal party committee, municipal government on more fully to realize high quality employment important policy decisions, to help employment of urban and rural laborer employment, for the majority of job seekers send warm and steady job specific measures.In order to successfully hold this online recruitment live event, the municipal human resources and Social Security department surveyed hundreds of local enterprises through field visits, questionnaire surveys, telephone interviews and other methods, and got a broad understanding of the employment needs and aspirations of the vast number of migrant workers.We carefully selected famous enterprises in Our city, such as Yellow Helou Wine, Yuanqi Forest (Hubei) Beverage Co., LTD., Xianning Square Interactive Network Co., LTD., Jinshida Medical (Xianning) Co., LTD., with strong strength, large demand for labor and good salary and welfare, to participate in the live broadcast recruitment.At the same time, in order to expand the effect of online recruitment activities, through the live broadcast, hubei public recruitment website, “Xiangshi Online” micro channel job application and other channels to provide nearly 100 enterprises, thousands of jobs for the majority of job seekers to choose.It is reported that the “Spring Breeze Action” network broadcast job fair for enterprises and rural migrant workers and other types of job seekers to build a smooth supply and demand docking platform, effectively solve the return of migrant workers, unemployed, college graduates and other key groups of employment problems, to help open a good door in 2022, a good start.

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