Annual fifth | why is also called “break five”?

“Li” is the beginning, “spring” is the hope of a year’s plan in spring everything is thriving appearance of the fifth day of the first lunar month, in the north, also known as “break five” old year pass, year custom taboo is quite a lot of the first to the fourth day taboo sweep, taboo needlework, taboo……One to the fifth day of the year all kinds of common taboos can be broken on the fifth day of the first month, “drive five poor” poor, poor, poor, poor, poor, is the “five poor”, also known as the “five ghosts” Han Yu “send poor text” has “all the five ghosts, for my five afflictions.How?Literati writing is always peaceful “although it is my great trouble, but also to be polite to send away” people tell it like it is “send poor” “drive five poor” must firecrackers, brooms, can not polite the fifth day of the first month, open the city, welcome the god of wealth custom to the fifth day of the birthday of the god of wealth at 0 o ‘clock people open doors and Windows to burn incense set off firecrackers,Choosing this day to open the market is bound to bring in money. In the prayers, there are full of good expectations for the New Year. To be a rich man in heart, happiness and wealth will always come on the fifth day of the first lunar month.Eat dumplings if dumplings on New Year’s eve reunion so fifth eat dumplings but don’t have the meaning of the fifth stuffing dumpling to latter, when cutting board to chop ding-dong loudly to let the neighbors have heard to show was “chop” the small pack dumpling to the back and along the two sides hold this is called “pinch SIMS the mouth” is said to be around so I can avoid slanderers can get rid of “little people” prosperous,The New Year, right “break five” is also “broken” I break your bad habits to reflect their own faults, shape a new me every past, all is prologue say goodbye to the past, the future can break the shackles, the tzu chi forward to breakthrough, uniting the growth after a broken cocoon into a butterfly luxuriant turned to real life, only the long hard journey, only the struggle in the New Year,New challenges deserve attention every day

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