Anti-drug propaganda into the village, build a strong rural non-toxic defense line

On March 14, the qiaoban township, Rong ‘an County, combined with the police station, took the opportunity of the “Care for women” activity month to go deep into the Village committee of Qiaoban Village, and carried out the “anti-drug publicity into the village and build a strong anti-drug defense line in the countryside” anti-drug publicity and education activities.Township and village women cadres, the masses and anti-drug volunteers a total of more than 100 people participated in the activity, the scene of active atmosphere.Township in preaching activities, security comprehensive management of public, police station staff in a simple way to introduce you to the types of drugs, harm, and how to prevent drug basic knowledge such as drugs, called on all the women cadres and the masses to fully understand the drug is the public enemy of the whole society and even each family, want to know “drug use, fall into the jaws of the profound truth, to do” cherish life,Stay away from drugs “.And warned against the blind pursuit of pleasure, seeking excitement;Do not approach, make friends with dealers, drug behavior, do not set foot in complex places.We advocate everyone to participate in the people’s struggle against drugs, and forge themselves into a useful heroine for family, society and the country.At the same time, we should educate people to manage their families well, conduct regular drug prevention education for their families and children, and make due contributions to the construction of a “drug-free family”.Through simulation drugs to watch and drug knowledge, the interpretation of the presence of women cadres and the masses understands, the harm of drugs, small family, devouring social wealth destruction, big has eroded society, crime, especially on some of the social drug traffickers lure teenage drug use bloody example, let mother present shock, alert for it.(Submitted/Photo by Liao Haiqiu)

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