Jiang Hua conducted in-depth research on some key enterprises and projects

Today yongzhou news (correspondent Tang Chang) On April 7, Jiang Hua, deputy secretary of dong ‘an County Committee and county head, went deep into the county and luhong town part of the key enterprises and projects research.County party committee standing committee, executive deputy county magistrate Li Yuehong accompanied.Jiang Hua went deeply into enterprises and projects such as Kaixiang Shoes, Jiulong Fu Food, State Energy Yongzhou Power Plant, and Fire Engineering Park successively, and had a detailed understanding of the resumption of work and production, staff arrival and enterprise operation of each enterprise, and studied and solved the difficulties and problems reflected by enterprises on site.Jiang urged all enterprises to strengthen confidence, while implementing detailed epidemic prevention measures, accurate response, accurate positioning, and promote stable development of enterprises.Kaixiang shoes should rely on the current good operating conditions, expand production lines, strive for more orders, improve economic benefits.Jiulong Fu food should put food safety in the first place, rely on good policies, do excellent brand, and strive to create a provincial leading enterprise.Relevant departments should give full play to their functions and roles, earnestly provide coordination services, strengthen business guidance, timely help enterprises solve the difficulties and problems existing in project construction, and support enterprises to grow bigger and stronger.Jiang hua required relevant departments to strengthen the docking with The Yongzhou Power Plant, make full use of the thermal energy, gas energy and other resources of the power plant, cooperate to develop related industries, and make all-out efforts to build supporting enterprises.For the fire industrial park, Jiang Hua stressed that we should further unify our thinking, enhance the urgency of accelerating the construction of the fire industrial park, and ensure the smooth progress of the project with the strength of the whole county.To set up a special team, to coordinate and deal with all kinds of shield disputes, to ensure that the project on time to complete the task of quality;To make clear the time node, do a solid job in the project road network construction bidding and other preliminary work, speed up the project road network construction;We should go into the project front line, carry out targeted services around the project construction, push forward the project schedule, and strive to complete the project as soon as possible.

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