Can the Spring Festival holiday be extended to 15 days?The official reply

Many people lament the short duration of the holiday, while others wish that the Spring Festival could be extended to 15 days.In fact, for this problem have long been suggested people club department also gave a clear answer left left left human resources and social security ministry to the twelfth session of the fifth meeting of the National People’s Congress suggested answer no. 6469 people club building word [2017] 27 you suggest about the consolidation and development of holiday economy, involves the content of our functions now answer is as follows:With the development of China’s economy and society, the state has adjusted the holiday method several times, added national traditional festivals, and increased the number of holidays.At present China’s workers in addition to enjoy 115 days of rest every year, holidays (including 11 days of legal holidays), but also according to the number of years of work, enjoy 5-15 days of paid leave.This is basically in line with China’s current level of economic and social development.In practice, also a lot of unit of choose and employ persons adopted the worker to take paid year to leave as a whole to arrange in the Spring Festival, or allow a worker to visit family holiday arrangement before and after the Spring Festival, with the Spring Festival holiday even take the means to prolong the Spring Festival holiday time, both do not affect enterprise production and management, satisfied the worker to have more time to reunite with family again the desire.The main purpose of the national holiday system is to carry out commemorative activities, protect citizens’ right to rest, promote the overall development of personality and take care of the normal life of the family.Among them, the establishment of legal holidays plays an irreplaceable role in displaying a country’s basic value orientation and civilization tradition, maintaining social identity and cultural belonging, and gathering national spirit and emotion.As the first festival of the Chinese nation, the Spring Festival contains the meaning of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new, and family reunion. It has become a cultural symbol of self-identity of the Chinese nation and an important force to condense national feelings.However, the setting of statutory holidays and holidays needs to adapt to the level of economic and social development of a country or region, and comprehensively consider the impact of the increase of holidays on the labor costs of employers, production and operation development and other aspects.As for your suggestion of appropriately extending the Spring Festival holiday or resuming the May Day holiday, we will earnestly study and discuss with relevant departments, and timely promote the improvement of relevant systems to make the holiday arrangement more reasonable.Second, about the implementation and improve the system of paid vacation in 2007 issued by the State Council “byelaw of worker of annual vacation with pay, to promote the full implementation of the administrative rules and regulations, strengthen the operability, the ministry of personnel, human resources and social security ministry has formulated the” authority institution staff measures for the implementation of annual vacation with pay, and the measures for the implementation of annual vacation with pay for enterprise employees,Specific provisions are made on the number of days of annual leave, arrangement of leave, compensation mechanism, supervision and inspection.In recent years, human resources and social security departments at all levels have taken active measures to promote the implementation of the paid annual leave system and achieved remarkable results.All kinds of employers and the majority of workers on the understanding of paid annual leave year by year, paid annual leave implementation scope is expanding.According to the survey on the basic situation of human resources and social security in some cities (60 cities) carried out by the Ministry in November 2016, more than half of the employees have enjoyed paid annual leave.But in general, the implementation of the paid annual leave system is not ideal.Going forward, we will further promote the implementation of the system of paid annual leave from the following aspects.First, continue to increase the publicity of laws and policies on paid annual leave, so that leading cadres at all levels, enterprise managers and ordinary workers fully understand the importance of implementing the system of paid annual leave, understand the specific provisions of relevant laws and regulations, and strive to create a good atmosphere of public opinion.Second, summarize the good practices and experience of enterprises in implementing the paid annual leave system in recent years, guide enterprises to consult with employees on an equal footing according to their own characteristics and reality to determine the specific methods of their employees’ leave, formulate the annual leave plan, and take a variety of reasonable arrangements for employees’ paid leave.Third, strengthen law enforcement and supervision over employers’ compliance with the system of paid annual leave.In accordance with the Measures for Evaluating The Grade of Honesty and law-abiding in Enterprise Labor Security and the Measures for Publicizing Major Labor Security Illegal Acts, enterprises’ implementation of the paid annual vacation system shall be taken as an important content of the grade evaluation, and their illegal acts shall be publicized to the public.At the same time, the implementation of the paid vacation system will continue to be the focus of the 2017 special inspection of employers’ compliance with labor security laws and regulations, and the rights and interests of workers to rest and take vacations will be protected in accordance with the law.Thank you for your understanding and support of human resources and social security work.Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security July 5, 2017 source: Labor Daily

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