In 2016, an 18-year-old man in Hebei province was sentenced to six years in prison for stabbing his biological parents to death

At 3:30 PM on March 24, 2016, Qiaoxi Branch of the Public Security Bureau of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province received a call to the police, who claimed that his brother-in-law had been stabbed at home by his nephew, and his life was unknown. Then the police of Qiaoxi Branch rushed to the scene according to the address provided by the police officer.When the police arrived at the scene, it was already four o ‘clock in the afternoon, the scene was a mess, the victim lying in a pool of blood, had not breathed.Nearby, an 18-year-old man surnamed Zhang claimed to have killed his father with a knife before he was detained by police.Why would a son kill his own father?What’s going on here?This period of world figures with you to interpret the case of the son killed his father.The victim Zhang Was born in 1961, was killed before the Zhangjiakou City road bureau work.Zhang mountain himself is addicted to alcohol, drink after drinking often domestic violence wife and children.Zhang has been married twice and has a daughter from his first marriage.However, his ex-wife divorced with Zhang Because of his domestic violence.In 1991, Zhang met the mother of the suspect, Yan, who was born in 1963 and married in 1983.But because her ex-husband had drunk domestic violence behavior and divorced her ex-husband, after the divorce, Yan was afraid of cheating and playing with women’s feelings of the man for many years unmarried.Yan since met Zhang Mountain, Yan began to be confused by zhang Mountain’s rhetoric, at the beginning, Zhang Mountain also really put his heart and soul to yan, soon Yan was tempted, and finally agreed to zhang Mountain together.In 1993, Zhang and Yan got married.After marriage, Zhang Shan began to prototype, because trifles and Yan noisy, and even began to play Yan.But after playing, Zhang shan immediately admitted his mistake, Yan himself also know that age is not willing to toss again, reluctantly and Zhang Shan.Domestic violence in 1997, Yan became pregnant with Zhang’s son, but Zhang insisted that the son is not his child, many times want to let Yan abort the child.But Yan learned that pregnancy is not easy, at the beginning, she still want to give birth to the child.It is because of this contradiction, Zhang Shan repeatedly punched and kicked Yan, and even kicked Yan’s stomach, almost let Yan miscarry.In the experience of beating, Yan also finally put forward a divorce to Zhang Mountain also ready to abort the child.Upon hearing the divorce, Zhang Shan was very sorry, kneeling in front of Yan to admit his mistake, Yan had to agree to continue to live with Zhang Shan.In 1998, Zhang’s son Zhang mou was born, for this son, Zhang Mou Shan has always felt redundant, in the continuous noisy process with his wife, Zhang Mou Shan has repeatedly thrown the baby swaddling aside, angry son is a wild seed.Zhang yan from son remember, zhang shan often play his own mother, one day, zhang shan colleagues party, everyone agreed with their children without a wife, but after zhang and zhang shan left crying to his mother, which annoyed at zhang mountain, in the street, zhang shan punched son, passers-by to see after all think zhang mountain killed his son.Long-term domestic violence let Zhang live in pain, when zhang was weak, he was very afraid of his father.In 2010, zhang suddenly began to convulse at school, her mother Yan hurriedly took Zhang to the hospital, and finally Zhang was diagnosed with epilepsy, because of seizures, often more than convulsions, foaming at the mouth, so Zhang apparently can not continue to learn in school.Since then, Zhang has had to go home for a break from school, during which he spent most of his time with his father.And since Zhang mou is sick, its father Zhang Mou shan begins to hate this son, always loudly scold son is a waste.During that time, Zhang witnessed her father’s domestic violence. According to Zhang’s account, zhang’s father beat his mother five days out of seven a week, and he was often affected by it.At that time, he was very afraid of his father. After each beating, Zhang was taken by his mother to live in a hotel, where they spent most of the year.In fact, about Yan and Zhang Shan’s family situation, both relatives are informed, but they are not advised to leave, are thinking of two people old, and then divorce who are not easy to find, let alone children.Domestic violence but is this idea, even if the domestic violence of a mountain zhang, a mountain because of trivial matters, his wife and son Zhang both wounded, Yan called the police in a rage.The police will take three people to the police station for questioning, ready to detain Zhang Mountain, at this time Zhang Mountain very regret, kneeling for his wife’s understanding, because if he is in prison, the work may not be.Looking at her husband, Yan again choose to forgive, Zhang Mountain also wrote a never domestic violence guarantee under the mediation of the police, signing, son Zhang kneeling beg mother not to sign, because he did not want to forgive his father, because he was afraid to return home after his father will continue domestic violence.Zhang sure enough, after returning home, Zhang mountain home violence has never stopped.In zhang’s impression, his life was very depressed, sometimes finished homework hungry, also dare not eat, had to wait for his father to fall asleep, mother to cook him a bag of instant noodles, but also light, for fear of the father quarreled, not to eat but for a dozen.In 2012, Zhang’s disease improved after treatment, and his mother sent him to a vocational school to study in high school. During high school, teachers and classmates were very friendly to him, and Zhang also felt the happiness brought by the school.Two years of high school life let Zhang temporarily forget the pain of domestic violence brought to him.Vocational high school in 2014, seeing Zhang is about to enter the third year of preparation for internship, Zhang Also asked his son to find a job in the road bureau, the monthly salary of this job is only 1000 yuan, Zhang is very reluctant, they refused to go to work.I was thinking of going out on my own.Son Zhang’s approach, let Zhang Mountain is very angry, he thinks his son is not obedient, go out to work will also make yourself a disgrace.He had many arguments with his son.In 2015, Zhang went out to work, as a result of epilepsy, Zhang suddenly fell ill during work, convulsions, which can frighten the boss, until Zhang returned to normal, the boss paid Zhang, he dismissed him.Zhang had to stay at home.From then on, the abuse continued.But zhang didn’t know that his son had grown up enough to arm wrestle with him.One day in May 2015, Zhang hit his son again, causing swelling all over his body, which completely angered his teenage son.After kicking his father with his foot, Zhang ran to the kitchen to pick up a kitchen knife and scratched his father zhang’s face.Zhang was frightened by his son’s move and stopped beating him.After this experience, Zhang felt that the kitchen knife is the only way to protect themselves, he also secretly determined, as long as his father dare to beat himself, he will pick up the kitchen knife to scare his father.On the evening of August 14, 2015, Zhang argued with his wife again because of trifles, and then violently assaulted his wife. Zhang, who was hiding in the bedroom, rushed into the kitchen again and picked up a kitchen knife. This time, Zhang slashed his father four or five times with a kitchen knife.Zhang confessed that his father Zhang mountain was in pain, and his mother Yan and Zhang immediately took his father to the hospital for dressing.Fortunately, the knife did not cut to the vital parts, Zhang mountain did not have life danger.Zhang also did not want the police to arrest his son, so Zhang was not punished for taking a knife to cut people, the old Zhang even felt that he would not bear any consequences.After the incident, Yan felt her son’s behavior was strange, she could not control Zhang Shan beat himself, the next time if hit again, out of life how to do, so Yan threw his kitchen knife completely, home also do not cook, she and her son went out to buy food every day.But without the knife, Zhang mountain beat his wife’s behavior did not stop, Zhang felt that without a knife he could not protect his mother and himself, he also did not have a sense of security, so he secretly bought two kitchen knives online hidden in his bedroom.His mother later found the knife hidden in his bedroom, but out of fear of zhang’s years of abuse, she also tacitly accepted its existence.On the evening of March 23, 2016, Zhang was drinking alone at home and did not flush the toilet after going to the toilet.The son Zhang let his mother Yan to flush the toilet, Yan verbally agreed to his son, but because he was too absorbed in watching TV, he did not mind.After a long time the toilet still didn’t flush, Zhang smelled the stench of alcohol and his years of depression erupted at that moment. After an argument with his mother, Zhang began smashing the home, destroying computers and televisions.At this time, the father who was drinking came out, he began to teach his son Zhang, zhang and his father zhang beat up, during the fight, Zhang has been in a abusive situation.Yan in the side to pull, but always insert hands, but also from time to time by two people hit.After zhang confessed, Zhang was completely enraged, he ran to the bedroom and took out the kitchen knife he had hidden, and then repeatedly slashed at his parents who were entangled together.During that time, my father was stabbed 10 times, and my mother was also stabbed in the arm.After zhang straight knife, the father has collapsed to the ground, mother also seriously injured at this time, zhang mou one into the head of a bed, mother is going to call the ambulance and police, but was blocked by the son has always been favored by the husband of domestic violence yan also acquiesced in the death of zhang shan, after she left home, hemostatic therapy to the hospital.It was not until the next day that Yan called her sister to tell her what had happened yesterday, after which Yan’s sister immediately called the police.Zhang received the alarm, Zhangjiakou City public Security Bureau Qiaoxi branch police immediately out of the police, when they came to the scene, the scene is very cruel, the home is full of blood, the victim Zhang Mountain body is lying on the ground, has no breath.And his son Zhang calmly stood aside, in the face of the police’s problems, Zhang was very calm, said he killed his father.In April 2016, Zhang was arrested by zhangjiakou Qiaoxi District People’s Procuratorate.On January 15, 2018, the defendant Zhang was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the Qiaoxi District People’s Court in Zhangjiakou City for intentional homicide.In juvenile delinquency cases, the proportion of family disharmony or single-parent families is often much higher than that of ordinary families, and these children are often influenced by their families in their growing up.Nowadays, domestic violence has become a topic that is often mentioned in the society. Every person who commits domestic violence is committing a crime and we hope that they will get the punishment they deserve.

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