Is it safe to take a taxi?How much protection is in place?Disease control experts teach you these tips

Is it safe to take a taxi?How to protect in the process of driving in place?How do drivers protect themselves?Changsha center for Disease Control and Prevention experts teach you the key points of protection.How can passengers protect themselves?1. Avoid carpooling before taking a cab.Telephone ahead of time.When taking a taxi through the online car booking platform, you can first get in touch with the driver to clarify the boarding place, destination and route, so as to reduce the communication after boarding.If taking a taxi, please ask for and keep the receipt for reference.Wear a mask before going out.Wear a mask in accordance with the Relevant requirements of the Mask Wearing Guidelines for the Public and Key Occupational Groups.Choose a mask that meets the requirements.It is recommended that you carry a hand sanitizer for hand disinfection in time.2. Try to sit down in the back seat.Practice hand hygiene.If the skin surface is not damaged, do not need to wear gloves to open the door.If in doubt, use a paper towel (avoid direct contact) to open the door, and discard the paper towel immediately after use.During the ride, do not touch the facilities in the car at will, and avoid touching the conjunctiva of eyes, nose, mouth and other parts with unclean hands.Do personal protection.Wear a mask at all times and keep the Windows open to allow air to circulate.Reduce in-car conversations.Cover your nose and mouth with tissue when sneezing or coughing, or cover your elbow or arm.Non-cash payment is recommended.3. Disinfect hands in time after getting off the bus.When contaminants are visible to the naked eye, wash them under running water with hand sanitizer.In the absence of hand washing facilities and no visible contamination of hands, hand sanitizers can be used.Disinfect your belongings.You can use alcohol swabs to wipe the surface of the items you carry.How do drivers protect themselves?1. Perform daily self-health monitoring to ensure good health condition before starting work.If you have fever, cough and other related suspicious symptoms, you should report in time, do not work sick.Drivers are advised to get vaccinated against COVID-19 in a timely manner.Check the adequacy of protective equipment in the vehicle.Masks, hand disinfectants, alcohol, garbage bags and other common protective cleaning products should be prepared in the car to meet the protection requirements during work.Before carrying passengers every day, the vehicle should be opened for ventilation, cleaning and disinfection (especially the door handle, steering wheel and interior handrails and other parts).2. Pay attention to personal hygiene during service.Wear masks strictly during the service period, and remind passengers to wear masks.Pay attention to hand hygiene. Do not touch your mouth, eyes or nose before cleaning your hands. Wash your hands or use hand disinfectant after touching objects that may be contaminated.When the weather permits, open the window properly to maintain air circulation (in rainy weather, ensure that the external circulation of the vehicle is opened).When using air conditioning, we should also keep the car ventilated.3. Open Windows for ventilation in time after each passenger is served.Replace used masks and dispose of them in time.Clean the car in time, clean up garbage, regularly clean and disinfect door handles, seats and other frequently touched positions.Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Mei Mei correspondent Wen Kexin source: Xiaoxiang Morning News

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