We will continue to maintain the unique political advantage of self-revolution

Author: He Jianhua (researcher at Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences);In the process of seizing power and governing for a long time, the Communist Party of China has been exploring how to answer the question of “cave dwelling”.In 1945, MAO Zedong gave the first answer to the question of the periodicity of history put forward by democratic activist Huang Yanpei: “We have found a new path, and we can jump out of the periodicity.This new path is democracy.Only when the people supervise the government can the government not relax.”To enhance the Party’s ability to purify itself, we fundamentally need to strengthen the Party’s self-supervision and the supervision of the masses.As socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era, our Party has given a second answer to the question of how to get out of the cycle of history — self-revolution.Only the courage to self-revolution, to win the initiative of history;Only by developing people’s democracy and accepting people’s oversight on the outside and comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline and promoting self-revolution on the inside can we ensure the Party’s enduring prosperity and continuous growth.In the history of our Party, there are mainly the following ways and paths of self-revolution: First, self-criticism.Take the Gutian Conference as an example. In October 1929, Comrade Chen Yi returned to the base area with the “September letter” from the Central Committee and told those present that we should all invite Comrade MAO Zedong back and admit our mistakes to him.He also sent a special person to the central “September letter” to MAO Zedong in Jiaoyang, and attached his own letter.The letter said: “I made a mistake by not opening the 7th Congress well.The central committee thinks your leadership is correct.The comrades of the four armies look forward to your early return and appointment as secretary of the front Committee.This is what the central committee wants, and what Yu Jie (Zhu De) and I hope.”Comrade Chen Yi candidly admitted his recklessness and faults, and sent comrade MAO Zedong two dispatches on fast horses, inviting him to come back.On November 26, MAO Zedong returned to Changting, and Chen Yi and Zhu De made self-criticism in person. MAO also admitted that he had said some words that hurt the feelings of comrades, and asked Zhu De and Chen Yi to forgive him more.Candid and serious self-criticism ensured the successful convening of the Gutian Conference and the party’s ability to overcome major crises and return to the correct line.Second, we must uphold truth and correct mistakes.For example, we corrected Chen Duxiu’s right opportunism after the failure of the Great Revolution, corrected the “left” tendency to act blindly and take risks during the Agrarian Revolutionary War, thoroughly corrected Wang Ming’s “left” dogmatism during the Yan ‘an period, and completely denied the “Cultural Revolution” after the Third Plenary Session of the 11th CPC Central Committee.Third, we will carry out educational activities such as party and conduct rectification.Our Party has bravely addressed such prominent problems as ideological, political, organizational, and work style impalment.Examples include the Yan ‘an Rectification, the rectification of the Party in the early days of the Founding of the People’s Republic of China and the “three Anti-Communist” movement, the comprehensive rectification of the Party and a series of intensive education activities since reform and opening up.Fourth, we will resolutely punish corruption.For example, in the early days of the People’s Republic of China, we handled the cases of Liu Qingshan and Zhang Zishan.Since reform and opening up, we have given high priority to improving party conduct, building a clean government and fighting corruption. We have put forward the idea of constantly strengthening our capacity to resist corruption and prevent degeneration and establishing a sound system for punishing and preventing corruption.It is precisely because of its courage to reform itself that our Party has been able to go through a century of ups and downs, rise again at times of crisis, put things right after mistakes, and become a Marxist party that cannot be defeated or crushed.The self-revolution means that the blade is inward and the bone is scraped to cure poison.Since the 18th National Congress of the CPC, with unprecedented courage and determination, our Party has comprehensively exercised strict party self-governance, making a combination of self-reform measures, and putting in place a complete set of intra-Party systems and regulations for self-purification, self-improvement, self-renewal, and self-improvement. This has made historic and groundbreaking achievements in comprehensively exercising strict Party self-governance.Some people may wonder: of all the political parties in the world, there are not a few that have been around for centuries. How many dare to fight corruption on such a large scale and with such vigorous efforts as the CPC?There are also those who flatter the Western system of rotating multi-party governance and tripartite separation of powers, and do not believe that our Party is capable of turning inward and gorging on its own rotten flesh.The CPC’s courageous practice of self-revolution gives a resounding and powerful answer.Marxism holds that political parties come into being on the basis of class and are the product of class struggle reaching a certain stage.In terms of the nature of political parties, there is no political party that does not represent the class, no political party that does not want to govern, and no political party that does not desire to maintain long-term vitality through self-revolution.However, I am afraid that the awareness and determination of self-revolution alone will not be enough.There are some political parties in the world who also want to revolutionize themselves and make a difference, but they have failed to make a final decision, started in disorder and abandoned. The fundamental reason is that they are fettered and kidnapped by the interests they represent.The REASON why the CPC has the courage to reform itself is that it has always put the interests of the people above all else, rather than the special interests of its own party.The Starting point of our Party is to proceed from the interests of the people, not those of individuals or small groups.Communists are always ready to uphold truth because any truth is in the interests of the people.Communists are always ready to correct mistakes, because any mistake is not in the interests of the people.The COMMUNIST Party of China has always represented the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the people. It shares weal and woe with them and is closely bound to each other in life and death. It has no special interests of its own, and never represents the interests of any interest group, powerful group or privileged class.This is not only to counter the attempts of some people with ulterior motives to separate our Party from the people and set it against them, but also to remind the whole Party to be particularly clear-headed and firm in its stance on the fundamental issue of who will govern, exercise power and benefit the people.Not private, and the world from public.Because of selflessness, we can constantly examine ourselves and reflect on our own mistakes in the spirit of thorough materialism, and we can get rid of all interest groups, powerful groups, and privileged classes, and attack those who are enslaved by some groups, groups, and classes.Because they cannot represent the interests of the people, but only represent interest groups, powerful groups and privileged classes, leading to the collapse of the Party and the loss of the ruling status, the international communist movement has a profound lesson in this respect.The Soviet Union was the first socialist state in the world. It made great achievements, but it failed and fell apart. One of the important reasons was that the Communist Party of the Soviet Union became divorced from the people and became a group of privileged bureaucrats who only safeguarded their own interests.Even in countries that have achieved modernization, if the ruling party turns away from the people, it will damage the achievements of modernization.On the occasion of its centenary, we must be alert to dangers in times of peace and be on constant alert that our century-old party may become old and morbid.We should not be forgetful of the detours and twists and turns the Party has gone through in history, nor of the profound lessons learned in the political history of China and foreign countries by those who were content with the status quo and died in peace, nor should we be insensitive to our own problems.We should use the great self-revolution to lead the great social revolution and use the great social revolution to promote the great self-revolution.The reason why we will continue to maintain the unique political advantages of self-revolution and keep it on the road is that the great social revolution carried out by the people under the leadership of the Party will never rest — Party building must advance to whatever stage the cause of the Party and the people has reached.This is the basic law we must follow to strengthen Party building.Yesterday’s success does not mean that tomorrow will always be successful.To achieve prosperity and enduring peace and stability, all Party members must maintain revolutionary spirit and revolutionary spirit and have the courage to carry forward the great social revolution.To maintain the unique political advantage of self-revolution and keep it on the road forever is because the CPC should never forget its original aspiration and mission — “seeking happiness for the Chinese people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation” — which is the fundamental driving force that inspires Chinese Communists to keep moving forward.When success is achieved, it is not easy to be prepared for danger in times of peace and maintain the mental state of hard work in the early stage of entrepreneurship.After taking power, it is not easy to be thrifty, introverted and respectful.Chengping period, it is not easy to strictly govern officials, prevent corrosion and refrain from extravagance;At the critical moment of major reform, it is not easy to follow the trend and conform to the public sentiment.Is the so-called “preparation, chang Dao for the country.”Continue to maintain the revolution itself unique political advantage, let self revolution in the way forever, because always on the road against corruption – must be awake to recognize that corruption and anti-corruption battle raged, and presents some new characteristics, guard against all kinds of interest groups ChengHuo on AIRS, “hunt” corrosion is still a long way,We still have a long way to go to effectively deal with the variation and upgrading of corruption methods, eradicate the breeding ground for corruption and clean up Haiyan River, clean up systemic corruption and defuse risks and hidden dangers.Keep a clear head, always blow the trumpet of charge, and remember that anti-corruption is always on the way.As long as the soil and conditions for corruption exist, it will never be eradicated and the fight against corruption will never stop.In short, “persisting in self-revolution” is one of the ten historical lessons our Party has gained from its centennial endeavor. Having the courage to carry out self-revolution marks our Party apart from other political parties, and the spirit of self-revolution is a strong support for our Party’s eternal youth and vitality.Advanced Marxist political parties are not born, but refined through constant self-revolution.As long as we constantly remove all factors that impair the Party’s advanced nature and purity, and remove all viruses that erode its health, we will be able to ensure that the Party will always remain a strong core of leadership.

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