Wuling Capjie, large four-seater family car, 280T high power engine

Wuling Capjie, large four-seat family car, 280T high-power generator, strength advanced.From the power to the intelligent power of the new.1) Honeywell low inertia turbocharger: small turbine, large energy, high energy efficiency, fast speed.2) high pressure direct injection 350 bar: high pressure common rail direct injection (gdi) technology can improve combustion efficiency, improve fuel economy 3) DVVT (variable valve timing technology and exhausting) : compact structure, short circuit, fast response, high reliability, fuel consumption fell, the economy of 4) timing chain (low friction, free maintenance, ultra-quiet) efficient and reliable.5) Crankshaft offset: crankshaft center offset design (lightweight, low friction) to reduce engine internal noise 6) oil sump (three layers of combined silent steel plate) good silence, anti collision 7) GED:8) -20 ℃, fuel dilution rate is less than 7%, prevent oil increase, oil emulsification.Reduce maintenance cost, improve service life activities from April 7, 2022 to April 7, 2022

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