Actress Jiao Jiao moves to sell miserably?Was questioned rubbing Zhao Benshan heat, netizens hope enough is enough

In the early hours of February 16, actress Jiao Jiao posted a video of herself moving house late at night on social media.In the picture, Jiao Jiao holding the baby, almost no makeup appearance, appears very vicissitudes of life.In addition to Posting the video, Jiao jiao wrote: “The more you give in, the more others will give in.The more you retreat, the more they kill you!”.Although Jiao jiao did not name zhao by name, many netizens felt that she had something to say, and that she was deliberately targeting Benshan Media and zhao benshan himself.After Jiao Jiao posted the video of her move, it sparked heated discussion among many netizens.The vast majority of netizens questioned her to use the opportunity to quit the media hype, and even some netizens ridicule her thankless.In the face of a large number of netizens’ messages, Jiao Jiao did not reply one by one, but she said that “as long as I don’t push my luck, I can endure”.It is not difficult to see that Jiaojiao is still suspected of discontent.It is understood that a few days ago jiao Jiao suddenly announced a high-profile withdrawal from the mountain media, and many times in the live angry comedy performance artist Zhao Benshan.Jiao Jiao claims that her career is not only suppressed by Zhao Benshan, but also her ex-husband’s bankruptcy is due to Zhao Benshan.The comments caused an uproar.After all, actress Jiao Jiao has repeatedly claimed to be xie Guangkun’s (Tang Jianjun) apprentice and Zhao Benshan her mentor, which has prompted netizens to question her for being “ungrateful”.In the face of the public outcry, Jiao jiao revealed in a live broadcast that she had planned to leave Benshan media three years ago because of the crackdown on her career and the impact of her ex-husband’s failed business partnership with Zhao Benshan on her family.According to Jiao jiao, her ex-husband invested a lot of money in Liu Laogen in Jilin province, but lost everything in the end.Afterwards, xu Kaiquan, the founder of the peace Grand Theater, which is quite famous in the field of errenzhuan in northeast China, revealed that jiaojiao had made a mistake in breaking the news. Jilin “Liu Laogen” was not founded by Jiaojiao’s ex-husband, and she was guilty of wanting to punish Zhao Benshan.In the face of Xu kaiquan’s Revelations, Jiao Jiao changed her account on her social media platform, saying that her ex-husband was “defaulting” after buying goods for Zhao benshan.As things continue to ferment, Jiao Jiao in addition to the release of a number of videos, live ridicule, always did not come up with the so-called evidence to prove that his words are true.Subsequently, Jiao Jiao suddenly deleted the video in the recent, and announced that she sold her house and moved out of Shenyang.In fact, throughout the whole Jiao Jiao “rage tear” Zhao Benshan’s disturbance, although some users think Jiao Jiao may be bitter not to say, but the vast majority of users still hope Jiao Jiao can put down entanglements, even suspicion.After all, zhao benshan’s early help undoubtedly helped her to become as famous and valuable as she is today.It is understood that jiao Jiao, 36 years old, real name Zhang Yujiao, early in the small theater engaged in errenzhuan performance, later, zhao Benshan team discovered that he joined the mountain media.During the period, Zhao Benshan is many times praised her in the “ugly female” in the future, and carried her on the Spring Festival Gala, “happy comedian” and other stages.Although Zhao Benshan did not accept her as a disciple, but Jiao Jiao has studied zhao Si and Xie Guangkun two benshan disciples, although she announced not long ago and Zhao Si has broken off the relationship, but apparently she is xie Guangkun’s apprentice.It is understood that Jiao Jiao public “challenge” Zhao Benshan, the mountain media almost all artists did not stand jiao Jiao, and Xie Guangkun (Tang Jianjun) also deleted the past he and Jiao Jiao shooting video.It is not difficult to see that Jiaojiao is now in a state of no manpower.So many fans hope jiao Jiao can put down the unhappy heart as soon as possible, or give up the hype that the public thinks, completely restore calm life.

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