Washer river’s lake 13 episodes: Cow xiaowei forced marriage xin xiang scrub

Little emperor to lanling read Chen Shimei’s play son, angry Lanling words will not say.There is an ordinary woman to find steel egg son, Lanling and the little emperor face meng said there is no people called steel egg son, did not think she is looking for the people is xin Baotsutsugi, also claimed to be xin Baotsutsugi’s wife, although there is no church, but the two families have been married since childhood, so she waited for xin Baotsutsugi for a long time.The little emperor and Lanling at a loss, xin Baotsutsugi this appeared, two people pointed to the woman beside, xin Baotsutsugi this just remembered that she is niu Xiaowei.Niu Xiaowei excited Shouting, a strong look at the xin Bao tsutchen fanzi, they could not help but find things to come to see.Niu Xiaowei to xin tsutsugamushi with Shandong scallions, we do not eat, niu Xiaowei is very uninhibited to chew up, and they also talked about xin tsutsugamushi childhood embarrassment.Niu Xiaowei to find xin scrub with his home, in accordance with the agreement, she also brought engagement tokens, but xin scrub is not happy, also announced on the spot void.Niu Xiaowei threatened to wear a red clothes hanging in the lobby, pestered him generation after generation.Niu Xiaowei was living bai Xiaoqing back to the house, xin Bao Chighi is facing the little emperor, Lanling they said niu Xiaowei bad mouth, said she had not been to school as a child how can he match her.Niu Xiaowei is not happy, not to and xin hold scrub on poetry, the donkey lips wrong horse mouth all also repeatedly cheered.Niu Xiaowei see xin bao tsutsugamushi himself and began to look for life, Bai Xiaoqing quickly called them to take her to eat, oneself to find xin Bao tsutsugamushi talk.Bai Xiaoqing to cow xiaowei education xin Baotsutsugi, a woman from thousands of miles to find him, xin Baotsutsugi can’t do that.In any case is not happy, but also in turn advised Bai Xiaoqing and Kim Keer to help themselves to cattle xiaowei advised away, or a long time to influence washer is not good.Bai Xiaoqing for the sake of cow xiaowei, so promised.Bai Xiaoqing gave cow xiaowei a gold kerb outside the country’s clothes, and his previous an old bracelet, and gave her two strings of money to advise her on the road today, xin bao chigger this cheating with female feelings of the man is not worth her stay!Bai Xiaoqing made up a lie said beautiful women who were xin bao scrub after all have no good end, but niu Xiaowei did not go to the heart, also want to become beautiful to win back xin Bao scrub heart, Bai Xiaoqing can not help but self doubt whether her ability to express the problem.Xin Baotsutchen forefoot abandon cow xiaowei long soil wear soil, the next second cattle xiaowei will dress up amorous feelings to find him, the results of the xin Baotsutchen and Lanling, Ouyang greenhouse all scared away.Xin under the tsutsugi collapse designed a play, gave ouyang melon shed some money to let him cooperate with their acting.Xin buhao pretend to kill ouyang melon shed to cow Xiaowei, said she did not want to let her go as far as possible, the marriage also want to cancel.Niu Xiaowei brain circuit is different from ordinary people, not to xin bao tsutsugi go with yourself, scared xin Bao tsutsugi stepped on ouyang melon shed.Niu Xiaowei saw him move, just kicked several feet to test, Ouyang melon shed immediately got up.Niu Xiaowei entered the door to know that xin tsutsugamushi in deceive themselves, xin tsutsugamushi regret.Xin Bao chighi in order to cow xiaowei things in the yard empty, inadvertently inspired by the little emperor, only Chen Shimei this unique deception playing with female feelings of the man can let cattle Xiaowei give up.Xin has brought a woman and two children with him, saying he is his wife and children, and that her father is a theater owner, unlike Niu Xiaowei, who is just a vegetable seller.This talk cattle xiao Wei angry not light, ready to get married that day to xin Bao Scrub collection are torn up before leaving.Xin bao scrub by everyone’s collective contempt, Ouyang melon shed all the way tracking cattle Xiaowei looked at her out of the city, did not expect to see her out of the city have several attendants, also on a car eight carry big sedan.Ouyang melons shed to find someone to know, cattle xiaowei father is the richest man in Zhejiang, ten years ago out of the village business, cattle Xiaowei dressed as a village woman just want to bring warm feelings.Niu Xiaowei also asked ouyang melon shed to bring gifts to everyone, xin Bao tsutsugi only looking at the share, since then cried for three days and three nights.Ouyang melon shed to cattle xiao Wei collection of xin Bao Chighi early works together, Lanling passed by a look, accidentally found himself singing in front of the emperor’s head poem.

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