Gu Ailing won the gold medal, with the fire “five ring nail”, see the pattern: beg for the same

This period of time affects everyone’s things, should be the Beijing Winter Olympics, we have something to have nothing like to take out a mobile phone, look at the present medal situation, China in the end how many rankings!From the start of the Winter Olympics until now, our country has won several gold MEDALS and achieved good results, but there are also many mistakes. For example, Zhu Yi had many problems in the competition because of too much pressure, and failed to win a medal.Apart from Zhu Yi, there is a female athlete whose performance makes everyone sit up and take notice, namely “freestyle skier” Gu Ailing.In the competition, she could have won a trophy firmly, but she chose to challenge herself and did a highly difficult movement, which few people have completed so far. Finally, she really succeeded in the challenge and won the gold medal with the highest score.Gu Ailing’s victory means that the Chinese team won the third gold medal, so many people are interviewing her, want to get first-hand information from her!When she stood on the podium and held bing Dwen Dwen high, the “five-ring nail art” on her hand particularly stole the spotlight.As you can see in the picture, her nails are white with the Olympic rings painted on them. The combination of her fingers makes a standard “five rings” pattern, and the ice in her hands makes a beautiful scene!Although we all know that the Olympic rings are very good, but no one will think of her nails, Gu Ailing’s wave of operation is undoubtedly the fire of the “five rings nail”, maybe a lot of girls rushed to the nail shop.Net friends see the “five ring nail” pattern, are said to kneel for the same, it is best to gu Ailing detailed clap hand nail, so convenient to let everyone to do the same, in case did not see carefully silly let people draw on the Olympic five rings, very ugly embarrassing!To say the truth, we want to ask Gu Ailing with the same manicure, on the one hand is the worship of her Olympic champion, on the other hand is also want to do a winter Olympic champion with the same style, go to the road can also show off a wave, otherwise bald do a manicure has no meaning.Remember before the Olympic champion Yang Qian, the “pearl nail” was also popular with her. At that time, all nail shops were doing the same style. Now it is unnecessary to know that the “five-ring nail” has become the mainstream of the moment.Whether Gu Ailing with fire nail, or clothing style, we do not forget that she is a “freestyle skier”, as long as the responsibility is to stand on the scene of the competition for the glory of the country, we do not separate primary and secondary.What if all this mess affects her form and she misses out on a gold medal?If we really like Gu’s nails, makeup, matching and other things, we can interact with her at the end of the Winter Olympics and ask her to post a shared post.Originally thought athletes every day to know the training, there is no “beauty” habit, did not expect through the previous Olympic Games and other large games, can also be seen that female athletes will do nail art, so the heart of beauty everyone has, this has nothing to do with occupation and age.Ok, today about Gu Ailing to share here, do not know how many people especially like her “five ring nail”, still waiting for what, hurry to do the same!

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