Croatian President: NATO enlargement should be stopped in view of Croatia’s national interests

On February 18, Croatian President Milanovic said NATO’s expansion into Ukraine violates and threatens Croatia’s national interests, and NATO’s eastward expansion should be stopped.According to Sputnik news agency on February 19, Milanovic told Croatian media that “those who advocate NATO’s expansion into Ukraine are also threatening Croatia’s interests.Because we are a member of NATO, these people will send our troops there.As supreme commander, I will never allow the deployment of Croatian troops, even one soldier, into Ukraine.”NATO is deep enough in eastern Europe,” he added. “I’ve seen it expand my whole life. It has to stop.As long as I am President, I will support NATO not expanding.”This is not the first time the Croatian president has sounded a different note from NATO.On January 25th he declared that Croatia had “nothing to do” with the russian-Ukrainian situation.The disagreement between the United States and Russia over NATO expansion is a central factor in the current heat up in Ukraine.At the end of 2021, Russia published a draft security assurance agreement with the United States and NATO.In the draft agreement with NATO, Russia requires NATO to promise to stop its expansion and not admit Ukraine or other countries to join.NATO members are required not to deploy strike systems near Russia’s borders or conduct any military activities in Eastern Europe, Transcasia or Central Asia, including Ukraine, and to return troops and military infrastructure in Europe to the status quo of 1997.On January 26 this year, the United States and NATO sent written replies to the Russian security agreement.However, on February 17, the Russian Foreign Ministry released a reply to the US on security guarantees.The document said that the US failed to respond constructively to the main content of the draft security guarantee treaty drafted by Russia and ignored Russia’s suggestions.(This article is from For more original news, please download APP.)

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